Net Cords: Dealing With Despair In Dallas And New York

The 2012 NBA Playoffs have reached the point that by Saturday morning every team will have played three out of a possible seven first round games. That means we've seen enough to make sweeping judgments about who is playing like possible champions (Spurs and Heat) and who's going home early.

Two teams we know (almost know) will be headed for the locker clean out and vacation planning agenda are the defending NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks and America's Team (if you live in New York), the Knicks. Both find themselves staring up at an 0-3 mountain that's never been climbed in the history of that NBA seven-game series.

We check in with the fan bases of both those teams over at Posting and Toasting and Mavs Moneyball to see how they are dealing with despair.

The Thunder Strike Three Times, Season Dims - Mavs Moneyball

I don’t know what to say, you know, I felt like Dirk wasn’t getting enough touches, but I wasn't right because he didn’t shoot well. I wasn’t wrong either because everyone else shot so poorly, you’d want them against you if you were being executed in 19th Century Spain. Guarantee you, you’d walk out alive.

Those of you who felt that letting Tyson Chandler go was a huge mistake might have watched his old team and new team play basically the same game tonight and might have felt that you were watching a colossal waste. Others, fortified by the offseason to come, might suppose this a necessary pain. Either way, the season tips towards its end.

Heat 87, Knicks 70: "Totally depressing." - Posting and Toasting

Well, that about does it. The Knicks now own the longest playoff losing streak in NBA history after dropping their 13th straight (over 11 years) in Game Three tonight against the Heat. What's bizarre is I'm not even sure how happy I'd be to see them take Game Four and break that streak. A large part of me (at least right now, with the bitter taste of that loss still in my mouth) just wants this series and this season to end.

If the Knicks were going to take one, this was the one to take. Miami's offense was hideous.

'Net Cords' features the great work being done by the SB Nation network of NBA team sites.

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