Presenting The 7 Saddest Photos Of The Oklahoma City Thunder

On Thursday night, LeBron James won his first championship. He's happy. The Miami Heat are happy. A multitude of fans and supporters are happy. The Oklahoma City Thunder, however -- not so happy. Pretty sad, in fact. Hit the jump for the very saddest pictures from Thursday's Game 5 and aftermath. Other than the saddest animated GIF on file, of course. Bring tissues.


The sadness, of course, began on the court, as Game 5 began to slip away from Kevin Durant and his teammates. Or maybe someone just took all of his hard-boiled eggs.


Sad Kendrick Perkins will break your heart. He looks as sad as that one time Lamar Odom ran out of Fun Dip.


Scott Brooks, a tiny speck in the sea of the NBA Finals. Kind of hard to read his expression in this one, though. Maybe he's not as sad as we think!


Oh. Oh man, that is sad. Check out his eyes. He's a million miles away, in a giant ball-pit of sadness. Of course, that's sort of the norm for him.


Durant and Russell Westbrook had a joint sad-conference with reporters. Westbrook is probably extra-sad that he paid full price for a denim jacket but when it arrived in the mail, it didn't have sleeves.


Kevin Durant, you are breaking our hearts. You are really good at breaking our hearts. Certainly your sadness cannot get any more palpable.


Oh, Kevin. :(

Well, the Heat have been there before, guys. I'm sure they can sympathize. Hey Dwyane Wade, how do you feel after having seen all these super-sad pictures?


Oh. Carry on, then.

For all news and information regarding the Oklahoma City Thunder, please visit Welcome to Loud City.

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