NBA standings 2013: Nets ascending out East, Lakers still scuffling out West


The Brooklyn Nets are suddenly playing inspired basketball under P.J. Carlisemo, while the Los Angeles Lakers can't seem to find their groove. Get a complete look at the NBA standings right here.

The Brooklyn Nets are a confusing team. Analysts and fans brought out their shovels and prepared to toss dirt on the grave of the Nets when the team dipped to 14-14 and fired Avery Johnson (Joe Johnson is old and bad, Deron Williams isn't the same player, etc.), but the Nets have played a better brand of basketball since Dec. 26. They've recorded wins in six of their last seven games, and now they occupy the No. 6 seed in the Eastern Conference (3.5 games back of the New York Knicks).

However, are things really different in Brooklyn, or are the Nets just taking advantage of a soft schedule? Their recent wins have come against Charlotte Bobcats, Cleveland Cavaliers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Washington Wizards, Sacramento Kings and Philadelphia 76ers. The only quality team in that mix is OKC, and the other top competition Brooklyn faced -- the Spurs -- blew them out by 31 points. The East is weak, and over at NetsDaily they like what they've seen from Deron Williams in recent days.

As for the Lakers, they can't seem to stop the bleeding. Consecutive losses to the Sixers, Clippers, Nuggets, Rockets and Spurs have dropped LA five games below .500, which is a terrible sign in the highly-competitive Western Conference. The No. 11 spot in the West isn't going to cut it for Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, and at the moment the Lakers' playoff chances have dropped below 30 percent. If this team is going to flip the switch, they'd better do so quickly.

Eastern Standings

Miami Heat 32 23-9 .719
New York Knicks 34 23-11 .676
Atlanta Hawks 32 20-12 .625
Chicago Bulls 32 19-13 .594
Indiana Pacers 34 20-14 .588
Brooklyn Nets 34 19-15 .559
Milwaukee Bucks 32 16-16 .500
Boston Celtics 34 17-17 .500
Philadelphia 76ers 35 15-20 .429
Detroit Pistons 36 13-23 .361
Toronto Raptors 34 12-22 .353
Orlando Magic 34 12-22 .353
Charlotte Bobcats 33 9-24 .273
Cleveland Cavaliers 36 8-28 .222
Washington Wizards 33 5-28 .152

Western Standings

Los Angeles Clippers 35 27-8 .771
Oklahoma City Thunder 34 26-8 .765
San Antonio Spurs 37 27-10 .730
Memphis Grizzlies 32 22-10 .688
Golden State Warriors 33 22-11 .667
Houston Rockets 34 20-14 .588
Portland Trail Blazers 34 19-15 .559
Denver Nuggets 36 20-16 .556
Utah Jazz 36 18-18 .500
Minnesota Timberwolves 30 15-15 .500
Los Angeles Lakers 33 15-18 .455
Dallas Mavericks 35 13-22 .371
Sacramento Kings 35 13-22 .371
Phoenix Suns 35 12-23 .343
New Orleans Hornets 34 9-25 .265

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