2013 NBA power rankings: Thunder, Clippers fight for top spots, Celtics biggest risers

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Some power rankings kept the Los Angeles Clippers on top of their power rankings, and some kept the Oklahoma City Thunder, while others made changes. The Boston Celtics earned nods as the week's biggest risers, while the Hawks dropped the most.

Most rankings agree on the top three teams in the league -- the Oklahoma City Thunder, Los Angeles Clippers, and San Antonio Spurs -- but it's tough to decide how to order them.

Here's a look at power rankings from around the internet: for starters, there's SB Nation's NBA power rankings compiled by Seth Rosenthal -- still the most popular rankings to include 31 teams every week. Also, we looked at Pro Basketball Talk's, Marc Stein's at ESPN.com, John Schuhmann's at NBA.com, and USA Today's.

Who's on top: Most popular: Oklahoma City Thunder

Others: Los Angeles Clippers (SB Nation)

The task of ordering the league's best three teams was made difficult by all three suffering losses last week. The Thunder tended to get the nod for bouncing back with four straight, including a impressive road win in Portland without Serge Ibaka or Thabo Sefolosha.

Who's the worst: Most popular: Charlotte Bobcats

Others: Washington Wizards (USA Today) Cleveland Cavaliers (ESPN)

Charlotte was looking up by winning two straight after losing 18 in a row, but they're back to what they're best at after losing four straight. Washington now has John Wall back, although bad -- well, worse -- things could be ahead for Cleveland without Anderson Varejao.

Who's moving up: Most popular: Boston Celtics

Others: Brooklyn Nets (ESPN), Denver Nuggets (USA Today)

The C's have Avery Bradley back in the lineup, and its working out better than even Boston fans might have expected, as the off-guard provides strong defense alongside Rajon Rondo. They've won six straight, a marked improvement on a team that was just a bit above .500 before Bradley's return. The Nets have also won six straight, while Denver has won five.

Who's moving down: Most popular: Atlanta Hawks

Others: Houston Rockets (USA Today)

There's no way to make double-digit losses to the Washington Wizards and Charlotte Bobcats look pretty, but if there is, the Hawks found it by only scoring 58 points against the Chicago Bulls after the rankings came out on Monday. They've lost six of seven. Meanwhile, the Rockets have lost three straight after having won five in a row.

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