NBA scores: Joe Johnson and Nets buzz Wizards, Celtics ambush Pacers

Rob Carr

Brooklyn needed two overtimes and a game-winner by Joe Johnson to beat the Wizards, but hey, it counts! In other action, the Celtics blasted Indiana and, oh yeah, the Clippers won this battle of L.A.

Nets 115, Wizards 113 (2OT)
Brooklyn almost certainly should not have won this game. They trailed until the fourth quarter, and Bradley Beal and Nenê hit shots to force the first and second overtimes. But Joe Johnson edited the script with 0.7 seconds left in the second overtime.


The fantastic thing about the play is that there is no attempt whatsoever to disguise what's going to happen: Johnson is going to make sure he leaves as little time as possible for a Wizards shot, if any. You'd think it'd make sense to allow enough time for an offensive rebound, but risking giving the Wizards a chance to rebound a miss, take a timeout and have a couple of seconds for a winning shot -- that risk is too high. Better to either guarantee a win or send it to a third overtime. (As it were, Johnson left 0.7 seconds on the clock, which is just a bit too much.)

Can we talk about that defense? The Wizards sent a second guy racing toward Johnson when it became obvious he was taking the shot himself, and it mattered nada to Johnson. The Nets were so obvious about their own call that the double team didn't really open anyone up; it really turned into kind of a low-percentage play for Brooklyn that worked. Had it missed, I think you'd hear some criticism about the simplicity of the play. I mean, P.J. Carlesimo's old boss Gregg Popovich isn't running game-winning plays like that ...

Celtics 94, Pacers 75
Paul George and David West each shot 4-18, and that was enough for Boston to get a blowout win. The Pacers shot 31 percent as a team; only Tyler Hansbrough was a bright spot on offense with 19 points on 7-of-11 shooting. And he managed to call Kevin Garnett dirty in the post-game, so it was nice knowing you Tyler Hansbrough. Garnett was ejected on a shrug-worthy Flagrant-2 in the fourth with the game well in hand.

Clippers 107, Lakers 102
For coverage of the Battle Of Los Angeles II: Revenge Of The Matt Barnes, check out our StoryStream and Mike Prada's Chris Paul feature. Needless to say, Chris Paul was awesome.

Bulls 96, Heat 89
Carlos Boozer was too much (27 points) and Chicago really overwhelmed Miami on the glass. The Bulls had 19 offensive rebounds in 44 opportunities (43 percent) while allowing the Heat only four in 33 opportunities (12 percent). That provided Chicago the win despite Miami advantages in shooting, turnover rate and free throw percentage. Rebounding matters!

Rockets 115, Bucks 101
Good lord Houston's offense can put up points! The Rockets shot 54 percent from the floor, with an effective field goal percentage of 62 percent once you factor in all the three-pointers.

Thunder 109, Sixers 85
Philadelphia only trailed by four at halftime. Things ... did not go well for them after the break.

Blazers 86, Grizzlies 84
Zach Randolph sat with the flu; Marreese Speights responded with 22 points and 13 rebounds. Portland responded, however, with victory.

Cavaliers 106, Bobcats 104
A close battle between closely matched teams!

Kings 105, Raptors 96
That'd be 31 points and 20 rebounds for DeMarcus Cousins, who is apparently offended at those Fab Melo-Courtney Lee trade rumors.

Pistons 85, Hawks 84
Two very notable things from the closing moments: Al Horford hit a long jumper originally ruled a three-pointer, but video review showed his toe was on the line. The Hawks lost by one. Welp. Lou Williams attempted to win it at the buzzer but ANDRE DRUMMOND got a piece of the shot. Game-clinching block, son.

Jazz 87, Suns 80
Phoenix had a 31-point quarter and a nine-point quarter ... in the same half.

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