Not all Lakers fans are pleased with Kobe Bryant's contract extension

Rob Carr

The letters to the editor published in the Los Angeles Times aren't very kind to the Buss family.

Kobe Bryant's two-year, $48-million contract extension drew comments from both sides this week. Some Lakers fans defended it and disabused the notion that Kobe doesn't care about winning. Others explained that it complicates the team's much-needed rebuild. The arguments on both sides have been pretty well-reasoned and grounded.

In the Los Angeles Times' letters to the editor section, though ... watch out. Here's a sampling of quotes, via the great Roland Lazenby.

I have followed Mitch Kupchak since he played at North Carolina in the '70s, and if there ever was a general manager as deft and brilliant as Jerry West, it has to be Kupchak. Which makes me nearly positive that during the recent Lakers dealings, Kupchak's job has been to merely give in to the owner and then be forced to explain the lunacy of the owner-impostor, Jim Buss.

As far as "appreciating" Kobe goes, if, this summer, he threatened to leave feeling "underappreciated," you could have pointed to his past contracts totaling a third of a billion dollars, the place where the bronze thing that looks like him outside Staples will be, and the door.

I'm not sure if Kobe was gloating in the picture after he signed his new contract, or just extremely pleased. I would have to say GLOAT, as in Greediest Laker Of All Time.

Lakers' fans are now finding out what Knicks' fans have known for some time - a rich father letting his incompetent son run the team will lead to nothing but long-term failure. [...] [A]s long as the wrong Buss is in charge the NBA's marquee team will be nothing more than the West Coast version of the Washington Wizards - if that.

Dang, even the Wizards getting some shade!

And now, an epic limerick by one Gary H. Miller of Encino.

There is a team named the Lakers.
Whose fame is as championship makers.
But they no longer will
Cause Mamba got 48 mil
Insuring a future of mostly Steve Blakers.

It burns, man. It burns.

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