Nets re-assign Lawrence Frank away from bench, practice

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets are struggling, and now the man considered to be head coach Jason Kidd's top assistant is changing job titles.

Brooklyn Nets assistant coach Lawrence Frank is getting a new role within the organization, the team announced Tuesday.

"Lawrence (Frank) has been re-assigned to doing daily reports and he won't be sitting on the bench or at practice," Jason Kidd said. "It doesn't change the coaching staff, guys will still be here, and that's that."

The announcement comes as a bit of a head-scratcher, as Frank was supposed to help ease Kidd's transition from player to coach. ESPN's Marc Stein reported in June that bringing Frank to the sidelines was a significant part of Kidd's pitch to become Brooklyn's coach. The prospect of Frank helping guide Kidd dissuaded the team's concern over Kidd's lack of coaching experience.

The relationship between Kidd and Frank reportedly began to sour in early November.

Frank's six-year contract averages over $1 million a year and is the most lucrative contract for an assistant coach in NBA history.

The Nets, who came into the season with championship prospects, have battled through a significant amount of injuries through the first month of the season. The team is just 5-12 and has registered the league's worst defense, per Basketball-Reference. It was likely only a matter of time before changes were made.

Below is a transcript of Kidd's announcement, via Tom Lorenzo of Nets Daily.

On the decision, was it something personal between the two?

"It's just different philosophies, that's all...."

On possibility of someone replacing him...

"No, my staff is set. There will be no one replacing him, no one coming, my staff is set..." "I don't see things changing."

On losing Lawrence as defensive coach?

"This is just moving coaches. No one doing offense, no one doing defense, we'll take the responsibility of being coaches. That's how it will be set up."

On the decision coming for some time?

"This is the decision that I had to make, I made it, and we'll move on."

On friction with Frank?

"No. This is my decision and what I had to do. It's about basketball, that's it."

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