Happy Hour: LeBron James needs old shoes, Garnett and Bargnani II needs to happen


LeBron apparently doesn't like to wear his latest signature shoe and Kevin Garnett vs. Andrea Bargnani in a steel cage match needs to happen.

For the last three years, I have made the annual pilgrimage to take my talents to my favorite online retailer and cop the latest iteration of the Nike LeBron's. I haven't been able to go get a pair of the LeBron 11's yet, but LeBron James doesn't seem to be a big fan of the 11's himself either:

Nike Inc.'s new, $200-plus LeBron 11 basketball shoes have a lot of fans. But one important customer isn't yet fully sold: LeBron James himself.

In the 18 games played since the season opened, the four-time league MVP has worn the 11s for only two full games, spending most of his time on court wearing last year's LeBron X model.

On a few occasions, including a Nov. 12 matchup with the Milwaukee Bucks, Mr. James started the game in his latest shoe but partway through switched into last season's model. During Tuesday night's game against the Detroit Pistons, he sported a version of the older LeBrons from the opening tip.

On Nov. 25, the last time Mr. James wore the 11s for an entire game, he scored 35 points with five rebounds and four assists, leading his Miami Heat over the Phoenix Suns 107-92.

It reminds me of when I was a kid, and I'd beg my mom for new basketball shoes.

"What's wrong with the old ones?" -- Mom

"Nothing, I just want new ones." -- Young Ed

My mom would relent and finally get me a pair of new sneakers (nothing expensive mind you, if it cost more than $50 she was not thrilled) and I'd be giddy to put them on. However, sometimes there's a tendency to stay loyal to a pair of shoes that have been good to you. They feel right. They look good to you. You've had good memories in these shoes. (I won 4 games of 21 in a row in my Nike Air Max CB34's and I still haven't thrown them out.)

The man hasn't worn his own shoe for almost two weeks now, and if the Nike fairy doesn't happen to send me a pair for Christmas (i.e. my mom) then I'll still be copping a pair. Give credit to LeBron and his representation for tinkering with the concept of the 11's to make it more LeBron-friendly, but it'd be nice to see all 238 of his signature colorways on the court.

Can we get Kevin Garnett vs. Andrea Bargnani In a Steel Cage Match?

There would've been a time when I would look forward to watching KG take on Il Mago on a random Tuesday night on League Pass. Garnett the wily and scrappy defender extraordinaire and Bargnani the skilled perimeter big man could make for an interesting yin vs. yang matchup. This, however, would've been 3-4 years ago.

Now, watching Garnett and Bargnani play against each other might as well be the equivalent of watching clowns pile out of a car. It's a sideshow, it's pathetic, it's a damn shame. It's also some of the most entertaining basketball you will ever witness:

First off, I didn't know Kevin Garnett could still dunk like that. I was legitimately impressed. Second, I was quickly reminded why I didn't think Kevin Garnett could still dunk like that, because 15 seconds later KG pulls the ole and allows Bargnani a clear escort to the rim.

This is just undercard for what happens next:

Three things quickly ...

1. This face-guard box out move Bargnani employed seems to start a lot of fracases. Serge Ibaka does this all the time to Blake Griffin and Zach Randolph, and when he does, skirmishes seem to break out. (Or punches to the groin)

2. Kevin Garnett's leaning in on Andrea Bargnani with his pelvic region and with his hands up is hilarious:

"Joey, I'm not doing anything? -- KG

"Your putting your groin in the man's face!" -- Joey

3. Charles Barkley stating "there's not a fighter out there, ain't nothing gonna happen" is just one more reason as to why Charles Barkley is the best.

A Happy Hour drink recommendation: The New Orleans Fizz - Because we need to pour up to the fact that the New Orleans Pelicans are 9-9. Because we need to pour some out for Anthony Davis and his broken hand that will keep him out for 4-6 weeks. Because Ryan Anderson in 11th in the NBA in scoring at 22.1 points per game. Because PELICANS. Because it's officially cold as balls outside and this drink reminds me of a warm summer night. TGIF.

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