Andrew Bynum injury: Center practices, still not close to joining Sixers on court

This is only picture of Andrew Bynum as a Sixer. Sorry. - Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

We have good news and bad news on the Andrew Bynum front.

Andrew Bynum participated in a 5-on-5 scrimmage with the Philadelphia 76ers on Friday, the team confirmed on Saturday. There was one report that Bynum practiced that leaked out Friday, but given a lack of pomp or other corroboration, no one was sure it was true. But it was. And according to coach Doug Collins via USA Today Sports, it wasn't even planned: Bynum just kind of jumped in and asked if he could play. He did, off and on during the scrimmage.

But don't you dare think he's returning to the court any time soon. From the aforelinked USA Today piece:

"He looked like a guy who had not played in nine months," Collins said. "I think he felt good that he was able to get out there. But I don't think that any bells and whistles should be set off right now that he's close to playing."

Liberty Ballers' Mike Levin, who has been waiting for this news for a very long time, is understandably pleased:

We'll spend the next few days hoping Andrew's knees don't swell up too bad after playing and that this can become a semi-consistent thing. I have knee lube on hand if need be. They play six games in nine days so any additional practice time will be tough, but maybe after this stretch...

I know the entire universe is against us, but this is making me awfully excited about things again. I have no idea what's going to come in the next few weeks or months, but my Optimism Bone is butt-chugging calcium right now and I can't stop it.

And why would you even want to?

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