Dwight Howard wants the Lakers to start supporting him


Dwight Howard and the rest of the Lakers have been trading words in the media for the past week, and Thursday night's loss to the Celtics didn't help the situation.

Yes, Dwight Howard's nightmare season continued with another underwhelming game Thursday night in Boston, and that was after two days full of Kobe, Dwight, and Steve Nash bickering back and forth in the media. So what was the next move?

It began with Mike D'Antoni in the postgame interview, telling us that Dwight had actually been cleared by doctors to play "for a while" before Thursday. Howard's response, via Comcast Sports Net New England:

"I can't get involved with what they've been saying to the media. I understand they've been saying certain things, but I know my health. I haven't been cleared for weeks to play."


"Hopefully they'll start supporting me the way they need to. Until then, I'm going to continue to do whatever I can to help our team win."

This is what the next three Lakers months are going to look like: D'Antoni and Kobe taking meaner and meaner public shots at Dwight to try and force him into being the player they think (hope? wish?) he could be, and Dwight responding with the most passive aggressive tactics possible.

"Hopefully they'll start supporting me the way they need to."


Just... Hopefully the Lakers will start loving Dwight for Dwight.

Start appreciating Dwight.

Would that be so hard?

Nobody in L.A. ever says thank you for the games he does play. All they do out there is take and take and take, and then ask for more. Everything with Kobe and the coaches is always about "the Lakers" and "making the playoffs". What about Dwight?

Superman bleeds, too, just like you.

You know?

Maybe WE should support Dwight, if Kobe can't. Get #SupportDwight going on Twitter. Or #FreeSuperman. Write up a #BillOfDwightsRights. Will you #FightForDwight?

Anyway, we can work on the hashtags.

In the meantime, Dwight can only control Dwight.

He's not judging Kobe or D'Antoni for what they've said to the media, because he's not that type of player. Not that type or person, really. He's just going to keep being the best teammate he can be, doing whatever he can every day to help the team win. He'll probably start by sitting out the game in Charlotte tonight.

Go Lakers!

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