NBA power rankings 2013: Streaking Heat on top of muddled rankings, Bobcats sink


The Miami Heat top all the major NBA power rankings, the Charlotte Bobcats find themselves at the bottom after getting blown out by the Kings, and after that it's all a matter of opinion.

The Miami Heat, winners of 15 in a row, have every reason to be atop NBA power rankings across the board this week. Even in SB Nation's power rankings by Tom Ziller based on the singular-plural conundrums of NBA teams, the Heat are too good to unseat.

After that, however, there's a lot of room for debate. The San Antonio Spurs' loss of point guard Tony Parker to an ankle injury certainly is a blow to their stature. Add in a loss to the lowly Phoenix Suns last week, and some like ESPN's Marc Stein are quick to yank the Spurs from more than the top spot -- Stein dropped San Antonio to third below the Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder, who pulled off an impressive road win against the Los Angeles Clippers this weekend.

Others weren't sold on the Thunder's place at No. 2. CBS Sports' Matt Moore and NBC Pro Basketball Talk blogger Kurt Helin each held San Antonio firm in second place in their respective power rankings.

After those top-three teams are etched out, the Indiana Pacers appear in everyone's top five. Behind the fourth-place Clippers, Stein and Helin rank Frank Vogel's team fifth as Indiana has won seven of its last eight.

Meanwhile, Moore is alone in having Los Angeles seventh overall behind No. 6 Memphis and a surprise No. 5 ranking given to the Denver Nuggets, who are on a five-game winning streak that included an impressive victory against the Thunder.

At the bottom of all the rankings, the easy pick to fall to 30th if they weren't there already were the Charlotte Bobcats. That's what happened when the Sacramento Kings handed out a 119-83 whipping at their expense.

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