Lamar Odom reportedly falls asleep on courtroom bench outside custody hearing


Clippers forward Lamar Odom fell asleep on a bench outside the courtroom while attending a custody hearing for his two kids with ex-girlfriend Liza Morales.

Los Angeles Clippers forward Lamar Odom has had a bit of a rough ride on the court the past couple of seasons. Things are not exactly going swimmingly off the court either, as Odom recently fell asleep outside a courtroom while at a custody hearing, according to The New York Post.

Odom and ex-girlfriend Liza Morales are currently fighting over custody of their two kids, 14-year-old Destiny and 11-year-old Lamar Jr. The couple split several years ago, and their relationship became especially icy when Odom married "celebrity" Khloe Kardashian shortly thereafter. Morales recently wrote a letter to The Daily Beast lamenting how things played out.

Odom certainly did not make a very good case for himself as a parent with his little mid-hearing snooze. Here are the alleged details:

New York-native and Los Angeles Clippers forward Lamar Odom fell asleep on a hard, not-so-comfortable courthouse bench today as lawyers hashed out his ongoing child custody case behind closed doors.

The 6-foot-10 hoopster's legs dangled well over the short, second-floor wooden bench. His impromptu nap drew the attention of a Manhattan court officer.

"Excuse me, are you OK?" the officer asked Odom.

After the player said he was fine, the officer said: "I need you to sit up."

Odom complied but slumped over, resting his head on his hand.

If you wanted to defend Odom, one could could argue that he has a hectic schedule and was just trying to get a little rest while the lawyers were in the room. But still, it would seem reasonable to expect a person to stay awake the entire time while a custody hearing for their kids was happening. Not a good look, Lamar, not a good look at all.

Editor's Note: This story originally suggested that Odom fell asleep inside the courtroom. He actually fell asleep on a bench outside the courtroom. We regret the error.

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