Pacers vs. Hawks score update, Game 4: Hawks take a 17 point lead into halftime


The Atlanta Hawks used a huge 22-3 run during the first half to take a big lead against the Indiana Pacers into halftime of Game 4.

The Atlanta Hawks went on a multi-quarter 22-3 run to take a 57-40 lead against the Indiana Pacers going into halftime of Game 4 on Monday.

The Pacers were only down by one after the first quarter, but the defense just couldn't stop any shot as the entire Hawks team heated up during the run, who at one point made six straight three pointers during the first half. Josh Smith leads the Hawks with 16 points and Kyle Korver added 11 points from the bench as the Hawks held the Pacers to just 32 percent shooting in the second quarter.

Who's the bully?

Roy Hibbert started the game hot early, but he cooled off along with the rest of the team. The Hawks haven't necessarily abused the Pacers inside, although they do have a 18-16 edge on points in the paint. With as easily as all of the Hawks shots have been falling, they haven't had to go inside too much. On defense, the Hawks have collapsed every time the Pacers have tried to find any room in the post.

Will the Pacers find their offense?

The quick answer appears to be no, but It isn't so much the Pacers' offense going ice-cold as it is that the Atlanta Hawks' being red hot. Paul George has been a non-factor for the Pacers, with only three points on just 1-3 shooting from the floor. Hibbert made three of his first four shots, but proceeded to miss his next five. As a team, the Pacers are shooting just 36.6 percent from the floor and are 5-13 from the three-point line.

Can Indiana confuse Al Horford?

Horford hasn't had much trouble in dealing with the Pacers. He is lighting up the stat sheet with six points, four rebounds, two assists, one steal and one block. Horford dragged the Hawks to victory in Game 3, but they haven't needed to see as much of him. Josh Smith has been lights out from the floor and the Hawks made six straight three-pointers at one point during the first half.

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