Reactions to Mark Jackson's controversial comments after Game 5


Warriors head coach Mark Jackson accused the Nuggets of dirty play after Game 5, setting off a whirlwind of other reactions. What did fans of each team have to say about it?

Things got a bit chippy during the Denver Nuggets' Game 5 victory over the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night, leading to some rather controversial comments from Warriors head coach Mark Jackson after the game.

Jackson accused the Nuggets of playing dirty and sending "hit men" after Stephen Curry, who has been playing much of the series on a sprained ankle. Jackson also made it a point to single out Kenneth Faried for setting illegal screens, and he also specifically mentioned a play at the foul line where Faried tripped Curry.

Jackson's comments set off a ton of other reaction, with Faried accusing the Warriors of dirty play of their own and Nuggets head coach George Karl questioning what sport Draymond Green played at Michigan State.

All of these accusations led to plenty of reactions from the fans as well, with both sides naturally having a different take on it. SB Nation's Warriors blog Golden State Of Mind says that while the Warriors have likely doled out as many cheap shots as the Nuggets, it's nice to see the team show a little fight after being considered soft for the past few years:

It appears that whoever the Warriors play in a close game, they'll find a way to alienate that team and project them as the villains. When your team has Andrew Bogut and Draymond Green, I'm nearly certain there are the same number of cheap shots you think you're getting as the ones you're dishing out. The Warriors seem like they go out of their way to put that proverbial chip on their shoulders. They did something similar withChandler Parsons and the Houston Rockets when Patrick Beverley went for a dunk in a blowout and a game where the Rockets almost broke their franchise-record for threes. Is it manufactured hate? Perhaps not, but it's a fresh change of face for a team that's been considered a bit soft since Baron Davis' departure.

SB Nation's Nuggets blog Denver Stiffs thinks that Jackson's comments could be a sign that the Warriors may be on the verge of unraveling, which would certainly be a positive for Denver. They also posit that Jackson is appealing to the officials and will be hoping for the whistles to go the Warriors' way in Game 6 back at Oracle Arena:

It's safe to say that things got a bit chippy out on the court and for some reason Jackson wants to open a can of worms by accusing the Nuggets of purposely trying to injury somebody. His team is up 3-2 and heading home. Why give the Nuggets some bulletin board material? Perhaps Jackson is letting some of the pressure get to him? Jackson is likely trying to pull a "Phil Jackson" and get his team some cheap whistles in Game 6 ...

On a night where the Nuggets got back to playing their brand of basketball, the Warriors' coach would rather focus on conspiracy theory than why his team lost the game. I will take that as a positive sign.

With what has transpired, Game 6 has gotten a heck of a lot more interesting. The officials are sure to have a close eye on some of these players involved, and with the game being at Golden State, Curry and the Warriors may get the benefit of the doubt. What hopefully won't happen is tensions get too high and the officials lose control of the game.

Game 6 is on Thursday.

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