NBA Draft Lottery 2013 odds: Magic hold best chance at winning lottery


The Magic have best shot at winning draft lottery, but team with best odds has only won twice in last 22 years.

The 2013 NBA Draft Lottery is set to take place on Tuesday night, and the Orlando Magic have the best odds to come away with the No. 1 pick in the upcoming draft.

However, the team with the best odds heading into the lottery has never had much success getting that No. 1 pick. The team with the most ping pong balls has won the lottery just twice in the last 22 years. The last team to do so was the Magic in 2004, which led to the selection of Dwight Howard.

On the flip side, the Magic have also won the lottery with the lowest odds. In 1993, Orlando won the No. 1 pick despite having just a 1.52-percent chance. That pick became Chris Webber, who was then traded to the Golden State Warriors.

The Chicago Bulls infamously got lucky in 2008, when they won the No. 1 pick despite having just a 1.7-percent chance. The Bulls selected hometown sensation Derrick Rose over Michael Beasley, a decision in hindsight that was an absolute no-brainer.

New Orleans won the 2012 NBA Draft Lottery with a 13.7 percent chance at the No. 1 pick and selected Anthony Davis.

Here are the full odds for the lottery.

Orlando Magic: 25 percent

Charlotte Bobcats: 19.9 percent

Cleveland Cavaliers: 15.6 percent

Phoenix Suns: 11.9 percent

New Orleans Pelicans: 8.8 percent

Sacramento Kings: 6.3 percent

Detroit Pistons: 4.3 percent

Washington Wizards: 2.8 percent

Minnesota Timberwolves: 1.7 percent

Portland Trail Blazers: 1.1 percent (pick belongs to Bobcats if outside of top-12)

Philadelphia 76ers: 0.8 percent

Toronto Raptors: 0.7 percent (pick belongs to the Oklahoma City Thunder if outside top-3)

Dallas Mavericks: 0.6 percent

Utah Jazz: 0.5 percent

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