NBA Draft 2013: Cavaliers will reportedly gauge trade interest with top pick


With hopes of being competitive by next season, Cleveland may deal their top pick this summer.

Hours after winning the top pick at the 2013 NBA Draft Lottery, the Cleveland Cavaliers have decided they will keep any and all options open when it comes to trades.

According to a tweet from ESPN's Brian Windhorst, the Cavaliers will use their two first round picks and salary cap space to investigate any deals that may be sent their way. Kyrie Irving isn't going anywhere at the point, but any other spot on the roster could stand to be improved.

Given Anderson Varejao's injury concerns, the frontcourt could use some bolstering in the offseason. Nerlens Noel is projected to be best prospect available in the draft, though, and would provide Cleveland with a defensive presence around the rim that is rare in today's game. For that reason alone, it seems unlikely a trade for the No. 1 pick is made.

One thing that could keep Cleveland from taking Noel with the top pick would be the health of his surgically-repaired knee. The Kentucky forward tore his ACL in February and is not expected to be back until December, although he has not had any hiccups while rehabbing.

There is also the chance the Cavaliers fall in love with another prospect. Someone like Otto Porter of Georgetown or Victor Oladipo would appear to be terrific fits on the wing, especially given their ability to dig in defensively. Neither have the upside of Noel, though, and could likely be had with a later pick in the 2-5 range.

With more than a month remaining before draft night, expect to hear the Cavaliers mentioned in more trade rumors. Just don't expect the No. 1 pick to be dealt anytime soon.

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