NBA Playoffs 2013: Monday night action in GIFs

Chris Trotman

Monday night marked the start of two 2nd round series. The Bulls faced off against the Heat and the Warriors challenged the Spurs. Miss anything? Catch up on the night's action in GIFs.

The Miami Heat were massive favorites against the Chicago Bulls as their second round series started. The Bulls are still without Luol Deng, Kirk Hinrich, and, of course, Derrick Rose. And they almost lost Nate Robinson early in the game when LeBron James landed on him going after a loose ball. Robinson got a few stitches, returned to the game, and led the Bulls to an upset victory, but still....ouch.


Nate Robinson doing things really became a theme in this game. He nutmeg'd Chris Andersen to avoid the turnover. But don't worry, NateRob was far from done.


Before Robinson put the finishing touches on this upset, the 4-time MVP got a few highlights of his own. Jimmy Butler even tried to tackle him, but even that didn't stop LeBron James.


And when LeBron starts getting lucky bounces? Forget about it.


But in the end, it was Nate Robinson splitting the Miami defense...


And with the way LeBron James played down the stretch, you could have sworn this was a game from the NBA Finals against the Dallas Mavericks. An air-ball in the final seconds of the fourth quarter? Not a very MVP-like move, LeBron.


The San Antonio Spurs tried to avoid a fate similar to that of the Heat, but Stephen Curry had something to say about that. As usual, Steph was on fire from three and not even Manu Ginobili dunking like crazy could stop Golden State's momentum.


But after that one Spurs highlight, it was all Steph Curry in the third quarter.


And after that happened, nobody knew how to react. Curry scored 22 points in the 3rd quarter alone. He's just on fire.



I'm with you, David Lee. There's nothing you can do but shake your head.

Soon, the Warriors would be shaking their heads for a different reason. The Spurs ended the fourth quarter on an 18-2 run to force overtime. And Jarrett Jack's mistake on defense gave the Spurs a wide open three to tie the game.


This game was incredibly epic. And Manu Ginobili put it away in double overtime with this CLUTCH bucket.


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