NBA Draft rumors: Nerlens Noel to visit with Wizards, according to report


Nerlens Noel is meeting with the Washington Wizards this weekend, meaning the top prospect is considering the possibility of falling out of the top two in this month's NBA Draft.

Nerlens Noel is considered by many to be the primary candidate for the Cleveland Cavaliers top overall selection, but the NBA Draft rumors are swirling a bit more steadily as the calendar moves closer to June 27. The latest involves Noel, too, as it sounds as though he could have doubts about being picked in the top two spots, as he's apparently going to visit with the Washington Wizards.

The Wizards pick third overall, but that hasn't stopped them from luring Noel -- formerly a lock at the top of most draft boards due mostly to attrition -- in for a meeting this weekend, according to Michael Lee of the Washington Post.

The interesting part of the equation here is that Noel's handlers seem to see the writing on the wall as the athletic big man didn't meet with the Wizards at the NBA Draft combine because they were slotted too low in the Draft (prior to moving up a few spots after the lottery), but he's now considering a more realistic look at his value. To wit, SB Nation's resident expert ranks Noel as the fifth-best player on his 2013 NBA Draft big board.

Noel is scheduled to visit with the Wizards over weekend because he's still working on rehabbing his ACL injury during the week, according to the Post. That won't keep Washington from staying busy, however, as Anthony Bennett (scouting report) and Otto Porter (scouting report) are scheduled to workout with the Wizards on Friday.

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