Antoine Walker tweets desire to coach the Boston Celtics

Andy Lyons

Antoine Walker wants to be considered for the Boston Celtics opening. But why should a player best known for his shimmying and ill-advised shooting be in the mix?

Nobody is actually considering Antoine Walker to be a candidate for the Boston Celtics head coach opening created by the Doc Rivers saga. The important thing, though, is that Antoine Walker considers himself a serious opening for the Boston Celtics head coach opening.

Walker tweeted his interest in the position Monday afternoon:

He then tweeted it again:

And... again?

(The subtle differences between those three tweets? Brilliant.)

Walker played seven full seasons and part of an eighth in Boston, earning three trips to the All-Star Game. He'd eventually win an NBA championship in a sixth-man role with the Miami Heat in 2006.

Let us not forget why Walker probably would like to get into coaching, though: after making $110 million during his NBA career, he was reportedly $4 million in debt in 2009 before he began a two-year comeback attempt with the Idaho Stampede of the NBA D-League.

Let us also not forget why this is incredibly unlikely: a few weeks ago, we compiled a list of recent players who became coaches without first putting in work learning the trade as an assistant coach (a list that now would now include recent Nets hiring Jason Kidd). Pretty much all of them were either a) very skilled point guards, noted for their on-court acumen or b) legends.

Walker is not a legend, and was certainly not noted for his on-court acumen. He had a tendency to jack up threes despite hitting just 32.5 percent of them and is famously credited with the apocryphal response that he took so many because "because there are no fours."

Walker is only 36, so if he's passionate about coaching, there's time for him to put in work and show his dedication in that regard. As of now, though, he's just a former player with a reputation for less-than-stellar decision making -- both on the court and off it -- and that probably isn't what the C's are looking for as they try to rebuild.

Then again, CelticsBlog noted one good reason for bringing in Walker: the shimmy.

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