Andrew Bynum injury: Sixers center completes rehab, will start workouts next week

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Bynum's agent says the big man will be ready to play in 2013-14, and that he'll start workouts before the free agency window opens. A return to the Philadelphia 76ers seems unlikely.

Andrew Bynum seems like he'll play for somebody in the 2013-2014 season, although neither his agent nor GM Sam Hinkie seem too caught up on the concept of that somebody being the Philadelphia 76ers.

Bynum's rehabilitation from knee injuries that kept him out for all of the 2012-13 season -- and possibly his 76ers career -- is officially over, and he'll begin his annual offseason workouts next week, agent David Lee told The Associated Press. Typically, he starts in August, but after a year off the court, he'll begin in July, showing teams his health just as free agency is set to begin.

(Of course, Bynum had already shown his ability to move on the knee in May when he was filmed trying his hand at flamenco dancing in Spain, an event Lee says happened after his rehab was complete.)

As for where he'll play, the Sixers don't seem to be a huge priority, and the 2012 All-Star doesn't seem a huge priority for the Sixers. Lee said he hasn't had conversations with the team and doesn't expect to reach an agreement before the window opens, while Hinkie's introductory press conference featured some non-committal statements that weren't particularly high on Bynum. For what it's worth, SB Nation's Liberty Ballers is not interested in the return of Bynum.

The 25-year-old big man was the main bait for the 76ers to get involved in the Dwight Howard trade this past offseason, giving up Andre Iguodala and young big man prospect Nikola Vucevic to land Bynum. It wasn't supposed to be an issue when Bynum came into the year with the same knee issues that hampered him toward the end of his Lakers career, but his date for a potential return kept getting pushed back and back and back, all while Bynum and the 76ers insisted he'd be able to play. Eventually, in March, he got season-ending surgery, which he has now apparently recovered from.

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