NBA trade rumors: Celtics reportedly have plan for Josh Smith sign-and-trade deal

Jared Wickerham

The Boston Celtics might be planning to start the rebuilding process by trading for Josh Smith once free agency begins.

Josh Smith could move to the Boston Celtics in a sign-and-trade deal once NBA free agency begins, according to Sean Deveney from Sporting News. The Celtics would only be able to bring Smith in if they're able to create a trade exception by moving Paul Pierce, though.

Despite being in the process of rebuilding, Boston isn't scheduled to have a ton of room for free-agent signings this summer. If the Celtics are able to net a trade exception by sending Pierce -- who is owed $15 million if not bought out for $5 million by the end of the week -- to a team that can take on his salary, however, it'd open more room for the Celtics to trade for a big name like Smith.

And, according to our friends over at CelticsBlog, the fan base wouldn't mind seeing Smith move to the Celtics:

Last summer, he joined the Celtics in L.A. for pre-season workouts, due mainly to his friendship with Rajon Rondo. He's a pogo stick in a bull's body, but the biggest question is whether or not he's a franchise player. His shot selection leaves a little to be desired, but paired with a pass-first PG, that could definitely change in Boston. If KG decides to close out his career in green, he could do wonders tutoring Smoove in the Celtic way.

Deveney reports that the two teams most likely able and willing to help Boston get this deal done are either the Cleveland Cavaliers or Milwaukee Bucks. It sounds as though Cleveland isn't that big on the deal, though, and Milwaukee might be able to make a play for Smith themselves, too, instead of just helping Boston acquire him.

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