Stu Jackson out as NBA's Executive VP of Basketball Operations, Rod Thorn in

Jonathan Daniel

Stu Jackson, long in charge of fines and punishments for on-court actions is stepping down, and he'll be replaced by a guy who did the job in a period of NBA hoops known for its knock-down, drag-out play.

The NBA will have a new enforcer, as Stu Jackson, the man primarily responsible for handling punishments for on-court infringements, will step down and be replaced by Rod Thorn, who held the position for 15 years before working in various front offices.

Jackson has been the Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations for the league since 2007. He had been coach of the Knicks for two seasons and coach as well as GM of the Vancouver Grizzlies, as well as the head coach of the Wisconsin Badgers in the early 90's. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports had reported he was interested in returning to the team side of things back in March, and although there's no news on that front yet, he officially won't be in his current job anymore.

He'll be replaced by Thorn, who served in the role from 1986 to 2000. Thorn, who was in charge of the Nets from 2000-2010, is currently the President of the Philadelphia 76ers, but has been slowly shedding responsibilities in that department, rescinding his title as GM last year with the implication he'd soon be stepping down as president. He won't be retiring, though, taking on a role that's arguably bigger.

With Adam Silver taking over for David Stern, the league's front office will be taking on a new flavor, although we aren't sure how it will be different in practice. Jackson had a reputation as a stickler prone to fines and suspensions for things that would have passed in an earlier NBA as the league looks to clean up its image in the wake of the Malice at the Palace. He even made a move this past year to fine flopping. Meanwhile, Thorn was in the same position for a period known for rough, physical play that often went unpenalized, on the court and by the league. Whether that actually leads to a shift in league policy is yet to be seen.

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