Serious questions about the return of the Charlotte Hornets


This whole Bobcats-to-Hornets thing is happening awful quick.

Everyone think the rebirth of the Charlotte Hornets is all wonderful and grand. Why won't anyone answer these important questions, huh?

1. Why is Michael Jordan continuing to look backward instead of forward in running his franchise? Typical MJ, living the glory of the past instead of building something new.

2. What compensation will Charlotte offer to New Orleans for the rights to Hugo The Hornet? I assume this works like coach "trade" compensation -- if the franchises made a deal involving a mascot, it cannot include players and the two teams can't make a deal for a year. So don't even think about sending Brian Roberts to Charlotte, Pelicans. NOT HAPPENING.

3. How does Rufus, the Bobcats' mascot, feel about this? When will someone consider the feelings of Rufus?

3b. What does Rufus's living will say about funeral rites, by the way? Anyone know a good furry crematorium in North Carolina?

4. Will the Bobcats become the mid-90s awesome Charlotte Hornets, or the 2000s' era awful Charlotte Hornets? Is there an option?

5. How does Andrew Wiggins feel about this?

6. What does MJ have to do to vacate the Bobcats' history? Can he just edit the Wikipedia page and uh ... take action on the subject matter contained in Question 3b? Does he need to sign Chris Webber and pay him under the table?

7. Will Bobcats gear immediately become popular among hipsters as soon as the Charlotte Hornets are back?

7b. How much are you selling that DeSagana Diop jersey for?

8. How confused are the folks on the International Space Station gonna be when they come back to Earth?

9. Does the NBA even care about how hard it is to change the names and logos of team blogs?

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