NBA free agency rumors roundup: Warriors discussing 3-way sign-and-trade for Andre Iguodala


The Warriors have already agreed to sign Andre Iguodala, but a sign-and-trade would help them keep more cap flexibility. Elsewhere, there's more news involving Jeff Teague, Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis.

The Golden State Warriors, Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz are in three-way trade talks centered around Andre Iguodala and Randy Foye, according to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski.

Iguodala recently agreed to a four-year, $48 million deal with the Warriors, but executing a sign-and-trade with the Nuggets would create more cap flexibility. Golden State would be able to sign 2013 first-round pick Nemanja Nedovic while also preserving the full mid-level exception.

The sign-and-trade would create a $12 million trade exception for the Nuggets, who would have up to a year to use it. Denver would also receive Foye in a sign-and-trade transaction from Utah. Foye would be signed to a three-year, $9 million contract with a team option on the third season.

In exchange for facilitating the deal, the Jazz would receive a future second-round pick from Golden State.

Teague-Drew reunion on tap?

Larry Drew has gone from the Atlanta Hawks to the Milwaukee Bucks, and now there's a chance that his old point guard will follow him. The Bucks and Hawks have discussed a possible sign-and-trade deal for restricted free agents Brandon Jennings and Jeff Teague.

It first appeared earlier in free agency that the Bucks would surely bring back Jennings. But because of Drew, Milwaukee has shown serious interest in Teague. SB Nation's Bucks blog Brew Hoop is receptive to the idea, but the move really wouldn't be much of an upgrade:

A fresh start could be a good thing for all parties, though there may also be a fair bit of grass-is-always-greener mentality at play. While Teague has steadily improved in each of his four seasons in Atlanta and has proven a significantly better defender than Jennings, he doesn't have Jennings' ability to take over games and doesn't have the look of a guy who will ever be a top 5-10 point guard.

The talks haven't advanced to the "serious" stage as of yet, but if a deal is pulled off, it could have an effect on other moves. For instance...

Where's Monta going?

The Hawks have been negotiating a deal for Ellis, with a salary number around the $10 million per year mark. However, if the Jennings-Teague swap occurred, Atlanta would almost certainly be out of the running. Jennings and Ellis didn't work out well in Milwaukee, so a reunion in Atlanta likely wouldn't happen.

The Sacramento Kings have also shown interest in Ellis, and they're currently trying to clear out cap space to make a run at the guard, much to the dismay of SB Nation's Kings blog Sactown Royalty:

I am not a fan of Ellis in any form, no matter how else the Kings roster changes. It's not an issue of Ellis replicating Thornton, necessarily -- it's an issue of Ellis being a player that hasn't traditionally helped his team. His career True Shooting percentage is .526, and he averages about 19 shooting possessions per 36 minutes. That's Monta Ellis. That's terrifying at the pay rate Ellis is likely to command.

The Kings have been shopping Chuck Hayes and Jimmer Fredette to the Cleveland Cavaliers, but it seems unlikely that the Cavs would bite on both players.

Cavs have interest in Bynum

The Cavs can be added as a potential suitor for oft-injured big man Andrew Bynum. Cleveland still has a boatload of cap space, and if Bynum's knees check out, a lucrative one-year deal could be put on the table. For now, the Cavs would likely not want to commit to Bynum for any longer than a year in order to save cap space for the summer of 2014.

There's always risk with Bynum, but SB Nation's Cavs blog Fear The Sword doesn't see much risk at all. They explain that a clause in the CBA called "Exhibit 3" would help mitigate most of the risk and if Bynum pans out, he would be a strong addition to a team with a lot of young talent.

Knicks still hoping to sign Brand

The New York Knicks showed interest in veteran big man Elton Brand at the outset of free agency, and they're still hoping to acquire him, according to Marc Berman of the New York Post. The Knicks currently have $1.7 million left on their taxpayer mid-level exception, or they could offer a minimum contract. The Cavs and Chicago Bulls also expressed interest in Brand earlier in free agency. In addition to Brand, New York is still targeting Dahntay Jones, Sebastian Telfair, Will Bynum and Aaron Brooks.

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