Mark Cuban discusses poor fit between Mavericks and Chris Kaman

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Mavs' outspoken owner alluded to problems with Kaman playing alongside star Dirk Nowitzki.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban hasn't been shy about releasing what could be thought of as in-house information. Making remarks that could seem tame considering his vocal summer, Cuban told The Dallas Morning News this weekend that the Mavs allowed center Chris Kaman to walk because of offensive issues, not defensive ones:

"I think where we ran into problems ... we couldn't convince Chris not to put the ball on the floor," Cuban said when asked if Kaman and forward Dirk Nowitzki didn't fit together defensively. "When Chris would just pick and pop, he was a top-five shooter in the NBA. Dirk and Chris playing pick and pop, pick and roll was lethal. No team could stop it. Chris had his own way of doing things, and that created some issues. It just didn't work."

Before signing with the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason, Kaman shot a career-best 51 percent from 16-23 feet, according to, and 92 percent of those attempts were off assists -- a sign he was fitting in well as a pick-and-pop threat. He averaged 10.5 points and 5.6 rebounds in 66 games last season.

Cuban said that allowing Kaman to walk was easier since Nowitzki fit better alongside rangy big man Brandan Wright, who the team re-signed this offseason. Building off that tandem, the team also chased after and succeeded in signing free-agent center Samuel Dalembert.

Cuban's comments concerning Kaman aren't the first, or most significant, that have raised some eyebrows this offseason. Earlier this summer, the Mavs' owner said his team was better off by not signing free-agent Dwight Howard despite attempts to do so. Cuban later went in-depth regarding the pitch Dallas gave to Howard before the center ultimately chose the Houston Rockets.

Most recently, Cuban went on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and ended up criticizing MLB's suspension of Alex Rodriguez, which then led to comments regarding his distaste for MLB commissioner Bud Selig.

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