NBA news roundup: Eric Bledsoe is 'mini-LeBron James,' Tony Parker escapes disaster overseas

Ronald Martinez

Jason Richardson's recovery from knee surgery might keep him out the entire regular season, Tony Parker is healthy after putting a scare in Spurs fans and more notes from around the NBA.

San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker is playing overseas this summer for his native France, but an injury scare has Spurs blog Pounding the Rock wondering if it isn't such a good idea.

The point guard injured his right knee in an exhibition match against Spain, yet played through the injury and went on to pour in 28 points. An MRI has since showed that it's not serious, so everyone in San Antonio is breathing a collective sigh of relief.

Leg injuries have become frighteningly too routine for the 31-year old Parker as of late. He finished the NBA Finals with a hamstring strain that he said would have been severe enough to keep him out of regular season games. It's a trend the Spurs will have to count on coming to an end if they're to find the same success they had last year in the upcoming season.

Goran Dragic calls Eric Bledsoe 'a mini-LeBron James'

If you're going to be a mini version of anything, then why not have it be the greatest player in the NBA and perhaps the most athletic human being ever to walk the face of the Earth?

Phoenix Suns guard Goran Dragic said as much when talking about his new teammate with Matt Peterson of

What's incredible is that Bledsoe actually warrants such a comparison. He does so many LeBron-like things, yet barely breaks the 6-foot barrier. It's almost perfect, and here's the evidence:

A few things stand out here when comparing Bledsoe and James. First, the obvious is the in-game dunking ability. James is a running, leaping highlight-reel for 48 minutes after the opening tip, and after Bledsoe's disappointing performance at last year's NBA slam dunk competition during All-Star Weekend, it's clear that the Phoenix Suns' high-flyer is a kindred spirit with the Chosen One in that regard.

And then there are the chase-down blocks. No one does it like LeBron, but Bledsoe comes close. It's apparent just by watching him that he takes pride on stopping the ball, and it's incredible to watch.

So Dragic is using a bit of hyperbole, but he's not far off. In fact, he might be on to something.

Jason Richardson out for the season?

The Philadelphia 76ers may be without veteran guard Jason Richardson for the entire 2013-14 season, as he's coming off major knee surgery at the end of last season, reports

That accentuates the fact that things are looking increasingly grim in Philly for next year. With Richardson absent, top pick Nerlens Noel potentially out until 2014 and host of other question marks surrounding the young squad, they figure to be in the mix for the Andrew Wiggins sweepstakes come the 2014 draft, which may be a giant silver lining.

Erik Spoelstra motivates, lauds Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks figure to be one of the best teams in the NFL next season, so it makes sense that they want to surround themselves with champions. Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra paid the 'Hawks a visit in Renton, Wash. on Tuesday.

Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel explained that when Spoelstra addressed the team, it inspired them, especially quarterback Russell Wilson.

Via the Sun-Sentinel:

"Just having him here in front of the team and just having him in meetings with us and having him out here in practice is an unbelievable experience for everybody," quarterback Russell Wilson said after Tuesday's practice."

Spoelstra is fresh off leading his team to back-to-back NBA titles, so clearly the Seahawks would like some of that to rub off.

Editor's note: some information was edited after the story published.

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