Michael Beasley resolution coming soon, according to Suns GM


The Phoenix Suns plan to decide what to do with the embattled Michael Beasley in "the next week or so."

Michael Beasley has been a hot topic with the Phoenix Suns over the past month, after an arrest for possession of marijuana. There's a resolution coming soon on the former No. 2 pick's future, though, according to a report on Fox Sports Arizona's website.

The 24-year-old Beasley signed a three-year contract worth $18 million last summer, but he rewarded the Suns with career-lows across the board. That didn't exactly help his standing with the team's new front office, but the marijuana arrest has seemingly added more issues for a team looking for a fresh start from the ground up.

Newly hired general manager Ryan McDonough is apparently creeping closer to deciding what to do with Beasley, though, according to the Fox Sports Arizona report.

In a recent interview, general manager Ryan McDonough said he expected a "resolution" vis-à-vis Beasley over "the next week or so."

Although his in-game results did little to impress the new bosses, Beasley's actions away from the arena have, according to multiple reports, virtually guaranteed his departure. Since January, Beasley has piled up three brushes with local law enforcement: one incident of speeding, investigation of an alleged sexual assault and suspicion of marijuana possession.

The Suns have a few options regarding this "resolution" McDonough speaks of:

  • The Suns can cut Beasley at any time, simply eating the $9 million guaranteed left on his contract (next year's $6 million is only half guaranteed as long as he's waived before June 15). That wouldn't typically be palatable, but it gets him off the books, away from the team and the new regime can blame the situation on the old regime signing Beasley to a bad contract.
  • They could see if any team is interested in trading any sort of asset for the right to the remaining two years and $9 million guaranteed to Beasley. That's a longshot, but the trade of Caron Butler last week made it a possibility.
  • They could have used the stretch provision implemented in the last CBA -- giving teams the option of stretching payments on guaranteed contracts over the course of five years -- but the deadline to do that was Aug. 31. That means the team won't have the option of stretching the $9 million owed to Beasley through the 2017-18 season.

It would seem that flat-out cutting Beasley is the most likely option as there aren't likely many trade suitors out there and he hasn't shown to be the type of player a rebuilding teams wants to mold their group of young guys. Regardless of what route they go with, though, it sounds like the world will know in the next couple of weeks.

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