Channing Frye injury: Suns forward cleared to return from heart condition

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Numerous doctors have cleared Frye, and now the Suns must decide on the next step.

There was a chance that the career of Phoenix Suns big man Channing Frye was in jeopardy due to an enlarged heart around this time last year. Frye's prognosis is much more encouraging now, however,  and he revealed to SB Nation's Suns blog Bright Side Of The Sun that he has been medically cleared to return to the court:

"I've been cleared by the numerous doctors I've seen," Frye said on on Tuesday for this week's podcast. "This whole process has been extremely detail-oriented on both sides - from my side and the Suns side. We both want to do what's best. I went across country to see the best doctors I could all to make sure they all agreed that I was healthy, that I could do this."

Frye was diagnosed with an enlarged heart in September 2012 after a treadmill stress test that players undergo before each training camp. The 30-year-old missed the entire season and, for a long time, he was limited to non-aerobic activities like walking, yoga and golf.

Frye was cleared to resume more vigorous exercise earlier this summer, though, and he says his heart responded well:

"I saw [the doctors] earlier this summer and they said 'you're good', and that I could start to exercise," Frye recalls. "Saw them a couple months later and 'You're better than what you were'. Not only one doctor, but three other ones, maybe four other ones agree with me.

"Now its in the Suns hands."

The Suns must now decide how they're going to move forward with Frye. Considering he has been cleared by multiple doctors, there doesn't seem to be much reason to keep Frye off the floor when the season starts. However, Frye is going to proceed with caution:

"I don't really have a timeline," Frye said. "I just want to make sure I'm comfortable. I'm going to play it like Derrick Rose. I'm not going to put myself out there until I feel like I'm the best.

"However long it takes is however long it takes."

For now, Frye is doing whatever he can to set a good example for the plethora of youngsters on Phoenix. Even though the Suns are in the middle of a rebuild, he plans on making the best of it by working as hard as he can to return to his previous form.

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