NBA trade rumors: Market for Andrew Bynum is minimal

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Several teams don't have much interest in acquiring Cleveland Cavaliers center Andrew Bynum, who has been on paid leave and is on the trading block.

The market for Cleveland Cavaliers center Andrew Bynum isn't what his front office had hoped. USA Today's Jeff Zillgitt reports that rival NBA executives say the Cavs are reaching for deals involving their center, who has been relieved of his team obligations but remains on the payroll because he became a distraction to the team.

Bynum missed the entire 2012-13 season while recovering from knee issues, but Cleveland signed the big man to a contract full of stipulations and unguaranteed money. In the first year of the two-year contract, Bynum is only owed $6 million of $12.2 million, and the Cavs have until Jan. 7 to trade or waive him, thus avoiding paying the full amount.

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So it appears the Cavs may be forced to waive him or keep him, hoping he could still buy in to Cleveland's culture. Going the trade route hasn't panned out with a week to go before Bynum's contract becomes fully-guaranteed.

The Miami Heat have "minimal" interest in acquiring Bynum, even if Cleveland waives him, sources told Zillgitt. And's David Aldridge reported the talks between the Cavs and Lakers were likely to go nowhere.

Though Miami is keeping an eye on its options to improve the team's frontcourt, Zillgitt reports that the Heat wouldn't want to pick up Bynum. With a full roster as is and the Heat's prior investment in center Greg Oden, who is also on the comeback from significant knee issues, it would seem redundant for Miami to risk bringing in another personality.

Fear the Sword: More on the Cavs

The Los Angeles Lakers had discussed a trade that would swap forward Pau Gasol for Bynum, according to ESPN, and the Cavs' were shot down by the Chicago Bulls after proposing a trade that would bring forward Luol Deng to Cleveland.

The Los Angeles Clippers were said to have interest in the big man, according to USA Today.

Bynum is averaging 8.4 points, 5.3 rebounds and 1.2 blocks per game this season.

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