Mavs owner Mark Cuban wants NBA to list missed calls every game

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

You know those official statements about late-game officiating mistakes? Mark Cuban would like those for every blown call.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has always made his voice heard on matters of improving the NBA. On more than a few occasions, he has spoken out about officiating. On Monday, Cuban said that he loved the fact that the league was issuing statements after late-game missed calls, but he'd like that policy to extend to every missed call, via ESPN Dallas' Tim McMahon:

"I love the transparency," Cuban said Monday. "Now if I could just get them to do the same level of transparency for the other 47 minutes and 55 seconds, I'd really be making progress."

Cuban, whose team benefited twice in the last two weeks from last-second no-calls the league office later acknowledged should have been fouls, is lobbying for a list of blown calls to be published for every NBA game.

This doesn't necessarily need to be done on a timely basis, Cuban said. He would strongly prefer that it would be done publicly, though.

"No one ever wants or expects perfection, but when you're not transparent, people tend to think you're hiding something," Cuban said. "And I think that hurts us. That hurts just the connection we have with our fan base. That's my opinion."

It's hard to imagine the league going this direction at any point in the near future, as it would represent a drastic shift from the way they currently handle officiating. Referees aren't allowed to talk to the media about controversial calls, and players and coaches are fined if they dare to criticize officials publicly.

Cuban has a point, though. Accountability is always a good thing and fans would appreciate more transparency. If everyone was able to see which calls were right and wrong on a game-by-game basis, it might become clear that the referees do a much better job than most think.

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