NBA scores 2014: Stephen Curry lights up the Jazz, Thunder blow out the Nets

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Stephen Curry scored 44 points against the Jazz and Serge Ibaka made all 12 of his shots in a blowout over the Nets.

Stephen Curry has these special moments where it appears that every shot is going in every single time he flicks his wrist. Friday provided one of those moments. The Warriors sharpshooter scored 44 points and hit eight three-pointers as the Warriors scooted past the Jazz late, 95-90. Andrew Bogut anchored the Warriors down low, recording 16 points and 17 assists and Klay Thompson added 11. Alec Burks led the Jazz off the bench with 26 points.

Oklahoma City Thunder 120, Brooklyn Nets 95

Kevin Durant's 30-point scoring streak ended against the Nets. No, not because Brooklyn played defense. It's because the Thunder were dominating so badly that Durant simply wasn't needed late in the game. He scored 22 points on 8-of-9 from the floor in the first half and finished with 26 on the night. Serge Ibaka was a graceful reindeer, scoring 25 points on 12 shots. What's crazy about that? HE DIDN'T MISS ANY SHOT HE TOOK. HE HIT ALL 12 BECAUSE HE'S A GRACEFUL REINDEER DON'T EVEN TRY TO ARGUE THIS.

This is what a perfect 12-of-12 shot chart looks like.


It's like Thanksgiving dinner on a basketball court or a rainbow that is only green or something like that.

Orlando Magic 113, Milwaukee Bucks 102

An 11-point win really doesn't show how lopsided this game was. Orlando led by 20 or more most of the way, but the Bucks cut that deficit in garbage time. Ex-Buck Tobias Harris scored 18 points off the Magic bench and borderline All-Star Arron Afflalo led all scorers with 21. Bucks rookie Giannis Antetokounmpo records 15 points, seven boards and three assists, so that's fun.

Atlanta Hawks 125, Philadelphia 76ers 99

Elton Brand and Mike Scott tied as Atlanta's leading scorers with 18 points each and eight other players scored between seven and 13 as the Hawks routed the Sixers. Philadelphia shot 36.8 percent from the floor, which we're told is not very good.

Memphis Grizzlies 94, Minnesota Timberwolves 90

Playing with Mike Conleywho sprained his ankle midway through the fourth quarter, the Grizzlies still found a way to pull out a road win against the Timberwolves. Zach Randolph scored eight points in the final four minutes and Minnesota lost another close game, which is basically its thing.

Memphis got the last laugh, but Kevin Martin was really mean to Tayshaun Prince.

Dallas Mavericks 107, Sacramento Kings 103

Dirk Nowitzki is having a resurgent year. That continued on Friday when he scored 34 points on 19 shots, leading the Mavericks past the Kings. Rudy Gay led all scorers with 35 points, 12 rebounds and six assists. The Kings are fun now. Maybe that doesn't translate to wins, but that's something at least.

Toronto Raptors 100, Denver Nuggets 90

Toronto's mission continues as it has now won five of their last six games and looks like it could at least threaten in the playoffs. This one probably stings even more for Denver, who lost its general manager Masai Ujiri to the Raptors this summer.  Also, Nate Robinson is out for the season which only adds to that pain.

Also, this dunk by Terrence Ross doesn't help:

Charlotte Bobcats 110, Los Angeles Lakers 100

Has anyone talked about how amazing Al Jefferson has been recently? No? Let's use this space to do that. He's averaging 23 and 11 in January and is doing so with fantastic efficiency. That continued on Friday night when he scored 40 points and collected 18 rebounds; that's only the 13th time that's happened since 2000, so yeah, he's had a great year.

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