NBA trade deadline: Hawks waive Antawn Jamison; Glen Davis pitches begin

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Antawn Jamison has been waived by the Hawks, and Glen Davis has multiple former teammates interested in playing together again.

The Atlanta Hawks have requested waivers on veteran forward Antawn Jamison, the team officially announced. Jamison was moved by the Los Angeles Clippers at the trade deadline. The Hawks traded the rights to 2004 second-round pick Cenk Akyol to the Clippers.

NBA Trade Deadline

Jamison fell out of the Clippers rotation despite the team needing frontcourt depth. The Clippers traded Jamison and Byron Mullens in the final hours of the NBA trade deadline in move to reduce the team's luxury tax bill. He was averaging a career-low 3.8 points and 2.5 rebounds in 11.3 minutes per game. The Hawks had the salary space to absorb Jamison's contract, offering the Clippers financial relief.

Atlanta was over the maximum 15-player roster when it acquired Jamison, forcing the team to trim its roster down. The Hawks used a minimum player salary exception to fit Jamison into their cap space. The team also announced the signing of Cartier Martin for the remainder of the season after clearing a roster spot.

Glen Davis has suitors, starting with Clippers

The Orlando Magic and Glen Davis agreed to a buyout, and the veteran forward has former teammates, and coaches, interested in reuniting.

The Los Angeles Clippers are said to be in the lead to sign Davis if he clears waivers. The team was reportedly in the market for frontcourt help at the deadline and eventually traded two of its backup big men in exchange for financial relief. If Davis becomes an unrestricted free agent, Doc Rivers could have a familiar frontcourt player to work with.

The Brooklyn Nets are another team reportedly interested in Davis, and Paul Pierce said he'll reach out to his former teammate personally:

The Spurs, Warriors and Heat are also reportedly interested in signing Davis.

Evan Turner, almost a Laker?

The Indiana Pacers struck a last-moment deal with the Philadelphia 76ers to land former second-overall pick Evan Turner in exchange for the expiring contract of Danny Granger. The 76ers are expected to discuss a potential buyout with Granger, but Philadelphia was also in discussions with the Lakers to trade Turner.

The Lakers would have sent a package centered on Chris Kaman in exchange for Turner, but the teams could not find a third party to facilitate the trade, according to Jake Pavorsky of SB Nation's Liberty Ballers. Thaddeus Young was also involved in discussions with the Lakers.

Los Angeles opened trade discussions on their frontcourt trio of Kaman, Jordan Hill and Pau Gasol, but did not make a deadline deal. The Sixers moved Turner to the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference.


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