NBA schedule: Kevin Durant hosts Kevin Love, Heat visit Clippers

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

A duel between Kevin Durant and Kevin Love highlights a packed Wednesday NBA schedule.

The Wednesday slate of NBA games is filled with gems, like a duel between Kevin Durant and Kevin Love, so here's what to watch when it's time to lock into basketball action this evening.

Main Course

Minnesota Timberwolves at Oklahoma City Thunder

8 p.m. ET, League Pass

Love -- Kevin Love -- is in the air nine days before Valentine's Day when the Minnesota Timberwolves visit the Oklahoma City Thunder Wednesday night. The Timberwolves just dispatched the Los Angeles Lakers, using the power of dual Kevins to combine for 62 points.

There's another Kevin in play in this one -- Kevin Durant. You may have heard of him. He's the NBA's leading scorer. He's at the top of the Most Valuable Player rankings for many. He averaged 35.9 points, 6.1 rebounds and 6.1 assists through the month of January. Yeah, that guy.

The Thunder sit atop the Western Conference even without Westbrook. The Timberwolves are trying to scrape everything they can together to make a run at a low playoff seed. Sounds like a good early-February game to catch.


San Antonio Spurs at Washington Wizards

7 p.m. ET, League Pass

The San Antonio Spurs did a phenomenal job playing without key players through the first half of the season and finally have Danny Green and Tiago Splitter back in uniform. Manu Ginobili and Kawhi Leonard are still out, but the team is still in the hunt for the top seed in the West, just three games back from the Thunder.

Things aren't getting easier for San Antonio, though. They'll be in the second of a nine-game road trip that last through Feb. 21. The next time San Antonio plays in San Antonio is Feb. 26. They'll play a total of two games at the AT&T Center through the month.

The Washington Wizards broke .500 for the first time since Halloween 2009 -- yes, 2009 -- after defeating the Portland Trail Blazers. They're on track to make the playoffs after missing the postseason for five straight seasons. Yes, John Wall is going to get his first taste of playoff action.


Miami Heat at Los Angeles Clippers

10:30 p.m. ET, ESPN

The Los Angeles Clippers' offense is rolling even without Chris Paul and take on LeBron James in ESPN's night cap. This game would be a bit flashier if Chris Paul was ready to play, Unfortunately, Paul is out, though he is expected to return to the Clippers soon.

Blake Griffin has been playing at an exceptional level though. He's averaging 26.2 points, 8.4 rebounds and 4.3 assists per game since Jan. 1 and has been key in the Clippers success while they wait for Paul's return. The Clippers have gone 13-5 during that stretch.

Oh, and don't be surprised about hearing any speculation about James' future with the Heat and the potential of the Clippers being a destination for him this summer. Recent reports suggest the Clippers could be high on his to-go list if he opts his talents out of South Beach.

Other games

Los Angeles Lakers at Cleveland Cavaliers

7 p.m. ET, League Pass

Boston Celtics at Philadelphia 76ers

7 p.m. ET, League Pass

Detroit Piston at Orlando Magic

7 p.m. ET, League Pass

Portland Trail Blazers at New York Knicks

8 p.m. ET, ESPN

Phoenix Suns at Houston Rockets

8 p.m. ET, League Pass

Dallas Mavericks at Memphis Grizzlies

8 p.m. ET, League Pass

Atlanta Hawks at New Orleans Pelicans

8 p.m. ET, League Pass

Milwaukee Bucks at Denver Nuggets

9 p.m. ET, League Pass

Toronto Raptors at Sacramento Kings

9 p.m. ET, League Pass

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