NBA trade rumors roundup: Orlando Magic on fence; no deal for Bradley Beal

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Are the Mavericks content with standing pat?

Orlando Magic on the fence as trade deadline approaches

It appears that the Magic aren't looking to part ways with Arron Afflalo at this point, or anyone else for that matter, if the price isn't right, Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders reported. Names like Afflalo and Jameer Nelson have popped up in trade discussions, but Orlando appears comfortable letting the situation wind down closer to the Feb. 20 NBA trade deadline.

Nelson hasn't been given a clue as to whether or not he'll be staying or find his way out of town, either, according to the Orlando Sentinel via

The Magic play three more home games before the All-Star break, then go on the road twice before the Feb. 20 trade deadline. Nelson said he hasn't been given any indication by the franchise one way or another.

"My job is to just play - whether it's here or somewhere else," Nelson said. "I haven't had any discussions on being here or not being here."

Can Philly get a first-rounder?

One of the dominant storylines surrounding the tanktastic Philadelphia 76ers is whether or not they'll be able to make a trade to improve their draft stock even more significantly come June. Marc Stein reminds us that time is winding down.

Bradley Beal not part of any Wizards trade talk

This one isn't difficult to believe. Washington has been active in trade discussions in an effort to bolster its lineup, most notably in regard to Detroit big man Greg Monroe. But teams have inquired in return about the availability of Bradley Beal, and that's where the Wizards have drawn the line.

More from Kyler:

Wizards' sources were fairly adamant yesterday that Beal is a non-starter for them in trade talks, which lines up exactly with what teams talking with Washington have said. As we covered yesterday, the Wizards are unwilling to break up their core to make a deal and while other teams may covet Beal as part of a deal, the Wizards simply are not going to entertain that. They view him as a key and core part of what they are building and anything involving him is being turned away.

Mavericks happy with their current roster?

Dallas is squarely on the playoff bubble in the heated Western Conference and figures to spend more time there, but it may not be looking to deal, Kyler reported. Cuban's Mavericks are typically in the middle of the discussion around deadline time, but they're apparently not in a hurry to engage this season.

One source close to the Mavericks admitted that adding a big man or another player with scoring punch would be attractive, but that the Mavericks really liked the construction of this team as it stands now, pointing to the fact that the team added nine new players this season and that's a key reason to be somewhat patient.

There are still two weeks and a couple of hours before all deals must be completed, and though they might not make a deal, this is not an owner who sits idly by while things are moving around him.

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