Good morning, Phil Jackson looms over New York

Will Phil take over the Knicks? We round up those rumors and much more in Monday's NBA newsletter.


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Good morning. Let's basketball.

ZEN STATE OF MIND: Reports suggest Phil Jackson is seriously considering joining the Knicks as president of basketball operations. He won't coach, and it looks like he won't do the day-to-day grunt work of running the team. Ken Berger suggested Jackson would be more like a highly-paid consultant with the final say. Where that leaves Steve Mills and Allan Houston remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Carmelo Anthony claims he hasn't been consulted about the chase. Meanwhile meanwhile, Joakim Noah offers a hilarious interpretation of those rumors he's trying to recruit Melo to the Bulls.

NET GAINS: Paul Flannery's Sunday Shootaround leads with the hot, hot Nets, starring a feisty Kevin Garnett at (yes) center. Plus, Flannery digs into the Warriors, the MVP race and more.

LIKE A BOSS: Jodie Meeks dropped, uh, 42 points on the Thunder. (Come back, Thabo.) The Lakers beat OKC in the second ABC game. Up is down. Hot dogs rained from the sky. (Actually, Russell Westbrook transition dunks in crunch time rained from the sky.)

THE BUTLER DID IT: The Bulls beat the Heat in overtime in the first ABC match, led by Noah, who was incredible. But the Bulls got to OT because Jimmy Butler stopped LeBron with the game on the line. What a finish.

MEANWHILE ...: Please do not try to interview Yannick Noah while his son is in the game. Actually, strike that -- do interview him when Joakim's on the floor.

NAILBITERS: The Warriors just edged the Suns as Klay Thompson went off, and James Harden had a nutty game to get the Rockets past the Blazers.

YEP: The Spurs have the best record in the NBA.

4-4-14: It appears Nerlens Noel may be hinting that he'll make his NBA debut on April 4 or something.

CORRECTIVE: Fascinating look at Jabari Parker's eyesight, which was a major impediment until this season.

BOOGIE WEEK: Hickory High had the brilliant idea to host Boogie Week, with a series of pieces on DeMarcus Cousins. Catnip for Zillers.

CHEZ OAKLEY: Charles Oakley was on Chopped, stole someone's frying pan and did not win.

PHOENIX RISING: Gerald Green's revival was a long time coming, writes Eddie Maisonet.

WHERE RUDY GAY DIDN'T EXPECT TO BE: A fine piece on Gay's return to Toronto by James Herbert.

OH HEY: A Minnesota legislator tweeted something pretty clearly racist about NBA players. It's 2014.

WELP: Knicks boss Steve Mills vowed transparency and openness at the beginning of the season. He hasn't spoken with reporters on the record in four months.

THE FUTURE OF TV: It's here, and it's going to have big impacts on sports.

OH HEY: is the official name of the site formerly known as Project X, led by Ezra Klein, Melissa Bell and Matt Yglesias. Check out the intro video and prepare thyselves!

Happy Monday. See you next time.


Get news, links and Ziller's #hottakes in your inbox every weekday morning.

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