NBA standings 2014: Spurs take over NBA's best record, Grizzlies move to No. 8 in West

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs have overtaken the Thunder and Pacers for the NBA's best record, while the Grizzlies have gotten back into the playoff picture as the No. 8 seed in the Western Conference.

The San Antonio Spurs have dealt with quite a bit of adversity this season, with multiple injuries to key players and some noted struggles against the other elite teams in the NBA. But despite that, the Spurs currently have the league's best record at 46-16 thanks to losses by the Oklahoma City Thunder and Indiana Pacers on Sunday.

It looked like the Thunder were going to go a half-game up on the Spurs, but a stunning loss to the Los Angeles Lakers squashed that. Oklahoma City blew an 18-point lead in Los Angeles and has now lost two in a row. San Antonio has won six games in a row to overtake the struggling Thunder.

Both the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers are surging up the standings, with the Rockets winners of five in a row and the Clippers seven in a row. Houston is just two games back of Oklahoma City and a half-game up on the Clippers.

At the bottom of the Western Conference playoff race, the Memphis Grizzlies and Phoenix Suns have identical 36-26 records, but it's the Grizzlies who currently hold the No. 8 seed. The Dallas Mavericks are a game ahead of both teams.

Here are the full West standings:

Western Standings

San Antonio Spurs 62 46-16 .742
Oklahoma City Thunder 63 46-17 .730
Houston Rockets 63 44-19 .698
Los Angeles Clippers 64 44-20 .688
Portland Trail Blazers 63 42-21 .667
Golden State Warriors 64 40-24 .625
Dallas Mavericks 64 38-26 .594
Memphis Grizzlies 62 36-26 .581
Phoenix Suns 62 36-26 .581
Minnesota Timberwolves 62 31-31 .500
Denver Nuggets 62 27-35 .435
New Orleans Pelicans 63 26-37 .413
Utah Jazz 63 22-41 .349
Sacramento Kings 63 22-41 .349
Los Angeles Lakers 64 22-42 .344

Over in the Eastern Conference, the top two teams are slumping. The Indiana Pacers remain in first with a record of 46-17, but they've lost four games in a row. The Miami Heat haven't been able to gain much ground because they've lost three games in a row themselves, however, both teams have 17 losses.

The rest of the conference hasn't seen much change, but the eighth-seeded Atlanta Hawks are trending in the wrong direction. The Hawks have lost six games in a row and are hanging on for dear life as the No. 8 seed, although the Detroit Pistons remain three games behind.

Atlanta's main concern could be the New York Knicks, who have won three games in a row after being left for dead. The Knicks are a half game behind the Pistons and look like a much more serious threat to Atlanta.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are tied with the Knicks, but four straight losses have them reeling.

Here are the full East standings:

Eastern Standings

Indiana Pacers 63 46-17 .730
Miami Heat 60 43-17 .717
Toronto Raptors 61 35-26 .574
Chicago Bulls 63 35-28 .556
Washington Wizards 62 33-29 .532
Brooklyn Nets 61 31-30 .508
Charlotte Bobcats 63 29-34 .460
Atlanta Hawks 61 26-35 .426
Detroit Pistons 63 24-39 .381
New York Knicks 64 24-40 .375
Cleveland Cavaliers 64 24-40 .375
Boston Celtics 63 22-41 .349
Orlando Magic 64 19-45 .297
Philadelphia 76ers 62 15-47 .242
Milwaukee Bucks 62 12-50 .194

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