Good morning, it's a pretty mad time in the NBA too

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Good morning. Let's basketball.

BIG BAD BLAKE: Paul Flannery went to L.A. to visit the Clippers and write about Blake Griffin. You definitely want to check it out. Doc Rivers' quotes are just fantastic. Sunday Shootaround also includes a piece on Gerald Green and the surprising Suns and a Coach of the Year check-in.

LOOKING FOR A RECAP?: Sunday was busy. If you need a recap, you'll find it here.

PHIL IS IN: As you've heard by now, Phil Jackson will be officially introduced as the Knicks' Grand Emir on TuesdayCarmelo Anthony called it a power move. (He still follows @DadBoner?) Steve Mills, the seemingly deposed Knicks GM, actually recruited Jackson all along.

Meanwhile, the Knicks are the hottest team in the East, winners of six straight. They are still five games behind the No. 8 seed in the loss column. B-Ref gives them a 5 percent shot at the playoffs.

COACH SHEED: James Herbert profiles Rasheed Wallace, NBA Assistant Coach. Chauncey Billups' quote just slayed me: "No, never. Never thought that he would be coaching. Ever. Anybody but him."

TWO POSTERS IN ONE: Patrick Beverley hammers on not one, but two Heatians named Chris.

LIKE A BULLET TRAIN: LeBron gets to the rim and over Dwight Howard so freaking fast. (The Heat won, by the way.)

OUCH: P.J. Tucker was scrambling for the ball on top of Kyle Lowry, which is kinda dangerous. Tucker's knee ended up smacking Lowry's head pretty good. Despite that, Lowry stayed in the Raptors' eventual loss. Afterward, he claimed he was not concussed but then said a camera light was bothering him. This tweet says it all.

People: the concussion policy is not called the concussion suggestion. Use it!

SWEET CHUCK: Via Woj, a lovely profile of Mike Procopio, the Mavericks' current director of player development. What an interesting guy. How interesting? "I'm sort of like the blending of Forrest Gump and Louie DePalma from Taxi-a wiseass, mutant-looking guy, and a guy that's done all these cool things that he probably shouldn't have. That's how I see myself."

UM: Anthony Davis had a 40-20 night, the league's first since 2012.

TANK WATCH: DeMarcus Cousins was a healthy scratch for the Kings in Minnesota. Sacramento lost by two points.

OH, MILWAUKEE: They are turning to sign japes in Bucks Land. Whither the paper bags?

DEMAR MESSI: This is some passive-aggressive anger by DeRozan here. I love it.

AWW, YOUNG DISAPPOINTMENT: I'm not totally sure what's going on here, but it's a great fan GIF regardless. (Via r/nba.)

UPSIDE CITY: Noah Vonleh, a 7-foot defender at Indiana, will reportedly enter the draft. He's a lotto pick.

STOP THE PIZZAS: Inside the brave movement to end the Raptors' "free pizza for scoring 100 promotion," which has led to a spate of embarrassing booing moments.

1-ON-1 WITH ZAZA: Zaza Pachulia reminisces about Atlanta and compares the Greek Freak to, uh, himself.

PERFECTION: The fake Brian Scalabrine "30 for 30" trailer is, well, perfect. (White Mamba also appears to be commenting on the YouTube video page.)

NO, REALLY: What's wrong with the Heat?

ON IGUODALA: SI's brilliant Chris Ballard writes about what makes Andre Iguodala so fascinating.

WE OFFICIALLY HAVE A TREND: More sneakers are exploding on the court. Where the Hell is Bob Ley?

SPEAKING OF SHOES: Under Armor made Steph Curry some pretty neat novelty birthday sneakers that included his face as a child.

WELPVILLE: "The Seattle Seahawks have won more recently than the Philadelphia 76ers."

THE MOMENT: Damian Lillard took control of the Blazers' locker room.

UNION DRAMA: Jeff Schwartz writes about the trouble with the players' union's search for an executive director, and advocates starting over. Eric Freeman muses on agents being heavily involved in union business.

SUMMER DREAMS: If you missed Summer Dreams on Saturday, it's currently streaming for free. Awesome work and definitely worth your time.

MARCH MADNESS: Amateur basketball takes center stage for the next few weeks. SB Nation has everything you need, from printable brackets to predictions and more.

Happy Monday. See you next time.


Get news, links and Ziller's #hottakes in your inbox every weekday morning.

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