Jimmer Fredette, Tom Thibodeau may be perfect match

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

If there's anyone who can salvage Jimmer's career, it might be Thibs.

The Chicago Bulls really, really need offense. That fact alone makes the Jimmer Fredette deal a defensible decision. He may be a limited player in many ways, but Fredette can seriously shoot, and that's something his new team will gladly welcome.

However, the most intriguing aspect of this move might not be Fredette himself. Over the past few years, Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau has developed quite the track record of coaxing quality performance out of middling point guards.

With Fredette, the Bulls have given Thibodeau arguably his most intriguing project yet. If Thibs can properly work his magic on Fredette -- the same wizardry we've seen work on the likes of C.J. Watson, John Lucas III, Nate Robinson and, most recently, D.J. Augustin -- the Bulls may have just landed a steal.

Now, don't worry, I know what you're thinking. Fredette, an unathletic 6'2 guard, isn't exactly known for his defensive prowess. Thibodeau, on the other hand, expects 48 minutes of Hell from his team, and often gets it. Don't you think this will be a problem for the two eventually?

Yeah, probably, and it's exactly why the partnership could end up being so fruitful. Fredette, by all indications, lacks great lateral movement and defensive instincts, but is there a better coach with which to hone his defensive skills? If we haven't seen Jimmer try his best on defense before, you can be sure you'll see it now.

And that could be really good for both sides of this partnership. Fredette is already a devastating spot-up shooter who's slowly developing other parts of his game. If Thibodeau can expedite this process, especially on the defensive end, the Bulls might have a pretty solid backup point guard soon.

This is nothing Thibodeau hasn't done in the past, either. While the Bulls were suppose to be locked up at point guard for the near future with Derrick Rose, his injuries have forced the team into some tough situations. Thibodeau has expertly weathered these storms, time after time.

Watson, JLIII, Robinson and Augustin weren't hot shots when the Bulls brought them in. They were, for the most part, the leftovers. With so much money locked up in veterans, Chicago couldn't afford to bring in better players. The Bulls simply told Thibs to work with what he had, possibly because they knew he'd figure it out.

This time, though, the potential might be higher than ever. Getting solid numbers out of a guy like Robinson was incredible -- he was integral to last year's playoff run -- but Fredette could potentially be a long-term piece. With a healthy Rose ready to take over again next season, an improved Jimmer at backup seems like a pretty nifty possibility.

It all makes this deal slightly more exciting than it otherwise might seem. Yes, the Bulls bringing in a former lottery pick and NCAA superstar is intriguing, but those guys exist throughout the league. With Jimmer in Chicago, you have one of them entering an ideal situation. If he gets along well with Thibs, it could be quite the partnership.


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