Metta World Peace criticizes Dwight Howard, praises Ryan Kelly

The former Knick and Laker shared his thoughts on the Kobe Bryant/Dwight Howard relationship, Phil Jackson and more. He also thinks rather highly of Ryan Kelly's potential.

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Metta World Peace appeared on the Max & Marcellus show on ESPN LA 710 radio on Monday and was, well, himself. The free agent forward said he would not have accepted a buyout from the New York Knicks if Phil Jackson had joined the front office by then, and he commented on Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant and much more, via ESPN's Dave McMenamin:

On the Lakers' air-it-out meeting in Memphis last season: "Kobe was furious and he just wanted things to change, and him and Dwight [Howard] at the time wasn't clicking. I think Dwight would take it too personal because Kobe is like very direct and Kobe gives you, like, a chance to show who you are. Not necessarily produce, but just to show who you are. Kobe wants to see you out there on the court, and he wants to see you like an attack dog. A smart attack dog. Show that you have heart. Show you care. He wants to see it right away."

On Howard's limitations as an offensive player: "That's where I had an issue with Dwight sometimes because he's strong and he can rebound, he can block shots, he can dunk. But his moves are not polished yet. So to want the ball every time ... we're going to give it to you, because the franchise called for that, but he isn't going to score."

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Since World Peace hadn't spoken to Los Angeles media all season, he took lots of Lakers-related questions. The best part of the interview? Why, that's when he provided his assessment of Lakers rookie forward Ryan Kelly, who is averaging 7.7 points and 3.4 rebounds per game:

On Lakers rookie Ryan Kelly's potential: "He's stronger than Kevin Durant was when he came in [the league] and can do basically the same things, but he has to start [training] now."

I mean, sure! Kevin Durant was the No. 2 overall pick, won Rookie of the Year and developed into a superstar who will likely win the MVP award this season. Kelly, the No. 48 pick, has had some nice games and has made a pretty good argument for sticking around in the league next year. So, so, so similar.

Never change, Metta.

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