Kyle Korver's record 3-point run comes to an end

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The Hawks' shooting guard put on a remarkable performance over the last 127 games. SB Nation's GIF Tournament V

Kyle Korver can hit three-pointers in his sleep, which perhaps explains why the incredible streak that ended Wednesday in Portland didn't raise much of a buzz. The Hawks' sharpshooter failed to hit a three in a 102-78 blowout loss to the Trail Blazers, something that hadn't happened in the previous 127 games.

There's nothing all that sexy about spot-up jumpers, but Korver's streak speaks to his consistency for a young, injury-riddled team that's had very little of it in recent weeks. A promising season has suddenly taken a drastic turn for the worse in Atlanta as it fights to hang onto a playoff spot, but Korver's run had been an enjoyable sidebar.

"I'm a little bummed for sure, but it was good while it lasted," Korver told reporters after the game. "I think someday we'll look back on it and be proud, but obviously it was just a tough game all around for us and that was part of it."


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Peachtree Hoops had this reaction following the game:

The streak is over.

It may not be the most high-profile record in the history of the NBA, but Hawks fans have taken a bit of pride in Kyle Korver's NBA-record streak of consecutive games with a made 3-pointer, and unfortunately, that mark was snapped during Atlanta's 102-78 loss to Portland on Wednesday night. Korver finished the night with just 5 points on 1-for-9 shooting in 28 minutes, and he missed on all five of his 3-point attempts before the blowout margin kept him on the bench for the duration of the final period.

The last time Korver failed to record a three-pointer prior in a game prior to Wednesday night was Nov. 2, 2012. Now, 127 games later, he's got the record. The previous high was Dana Barros' streak of 89 consecutive games with a three, and Stephen Curry is now the active leader with 50 straight.

A.C. Green's 1,192 consecutive games played streak. Michael Williams' 97 straight made free throws. Now Korver's record. These are streaks that speak to players' remarkable consistency, and the Hawks' shooting guard has been a model of that for quite some time. He knocked at least one three in 127 consecutive games against defenses that knew it was coming.

And it's not like he was hanging by a thread here. During the streak, Korver hit 337 three-pointers, which rounds out to just under 2.7 per game. He wasn't just chucking away, either. Korver shot nearly 47 percent from the arc over the course of those 127 games, which is remarkable in itself.

It's a shame Korver's streak had to come to an end as the Hawks continue to slide, but chances are good he'll start another one really soon.

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