2014 NBA Draft Order: Milwaukee Bucks sit on top

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Milwaukee doesn't win much, but the Bucks are favorites for the top pick.

With four days of action remaining, the 2014 NBA Draft order is beginning to firm up. These last 2-3 games of the regular season will tell us more about the uncertain lottery situation., though. Let's sort out the Tank Wars and take a look at all of the tedious pick swapping as of Sunday morning.

1. Milwaukee Bucks

The Sixers lost 26 straight games and are somehow still two games back of the Bucks for the worst record. Barring a major collapse -- wins, wins are bad here -- the Bucks will be the favorites for the No. 1 pick and will not pick any lower than fourth.

2. Philadelphia 76ers

Congratulations, Philadelphia. You lost 26 straight games and put out a D-League product on an NBA floor and you still aren't the favorites for the top pick.

3. Orlando Magic

The Magic have a 15.6 percent chance at numero uno. If they slip up and win their next three games, those odds could fall to 6.3 percent. Don't choke, Orlando.

4. Utah Jazz

The Western Conference's worst team is just the fourth worst in the league. The Jazz are just a half game up on Orlando, though. There's a chance they could move to No. 3.

5. Boston Celtics

The C's laid a smack down on Cleveland on Saturday and are now a half game better than the Lakers. Lose these next two! No one wants the Lakers to have an 8.88 percent chance at Andrew Wiggins!

6. Los Angeles Lakers

The City of Angels has been all about the Clippers this year, but the offseason will undoubtedly be about the Lakers. The Lake Show will retool its roster as it has for decades, starting with a top pick.

7. Sacramento Kings

Last summer, the Kings used the No. 7 pick on Ben McLemore. They've added more talent to their roster this season via trade and will bolster it with another top selection.

8. Detroit Pistons

The Pistons are holding on by the skin of their teeth here. If this pick lands 9-11, then it goes to the Bobcats. Detroit is a catastrophe. It can't afford to lose this pick.

9. Cleveland Cavaliers

The good news is the Cavs can't pick Anthony Bennett again!

10. Philadelphia Sixers (from New Orleans Pelicans)

This is Philadelphia's prize for flipping Jrue Holiday to New Orleans for Nerlens Noel during last summer's draft. There's only a four percent chance that the Pelicans land inside of their top-5 protection. Otherwise this baby is headed to Philly.

11. Denver Nuggets (from New York Knicks)

The Nuggets will get the better pick between them and the Knicks. Right now, New York is 1.5 games worse than Denver, meaning the Big Apple's pick goes to Denver.

12. Orlando Magic (from Denver Nuggets)

In this scenario, Denver's pick goes to Orlando via the Dwight Howard megatrade. The Magic will take the worse pick between New York and Denver. So, yeah, the Knicks won't be selecting in the 2014 draft, unless of course they trade themselves into it.

13. Minnesota Timberwolves

The Timberwolves, like the Pistons, are sitting right on their protection line. If this pick falls 1-13, it stays in Minnesota. If it hits No. 14 then it goes to Phoenix. But the only way the pick will land at No. 14 is if the odd man out in the race for the West No. 8 seed leaps into the top-3, which is extremely remote.

14. Phoenix Suns

Making the Western Conference playoffs and not making the playoffs is the difference in six draft spots. Still, you can imagine that Phoenix would have liked to have made the postseason.

15. Atlanta Hawks

16. Chicago Bulls (from Charlotte Bobcats)

Part of the Tyrus Thomas trade! Trivia time: Who else was traded to Chicago along with this pick? Ronald Murray and Acie Law. Use that one at your next dinner party.

17. Phoenix Suns (from Washington Wizards)

Washington made the playoffs, so Phoenix gets its pick.

18. Boston Celtics (from Brooklyn Nets)

Atlanta has the right to switch picks with Brooklyn, but the Hawks' pick is better so this pick goes to Boston as part of the Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce deal.

19. Toronto Raptors
20. Memphis Grizzlies
21. Chicago Bulls

22. Oklahoma City Thunder (from Dallas Mavericks)

This bad boy has top-20 protections, but it falls right outside of that zone. The Thunder, again, have two first round picks.

23. Utah Jazz (from Golden State Warriors)

Utah's prize for paying Andris Biedrins and Richard Jefferson.

24. Charlotte Bobcats (from Portland Trail Blazers)

Part of the Gerald Wallace/Joel Przybilla trade.

25. Houston Rockets

26. Miami Heat

27. Phoenix Suns (from Indiana Pacers)

Part of the Luis Scola/Miles Plumlee trade. The Suns are your 2014 NBA draft hoarders.

28. Los Angeles Clippers

29. Oklahoma City Thunder

30. San Antonio Spurs


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