NBA Playoffs 2014, Heat vs. Nets: How Brooklyn rained 3s in Game 3

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets hit 60 percent of their threes in a Game 3 win against the Miami Heat.

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Handing the Miami Heat their first loss through seven postseason games, the Brooklyn Nets relied upon the three-point shot to the same degree as they had in their first two games. In a 104-90 Game 3 victory, it was how they got them that led to a 60 percent three-point shooting outing.

Brooklyn nailed 15-of-25 shots as a result of solid ball movement, timely transition looks and penetrate-and-kick plays, all of which seemed to hunt for the open three.

Though the Nets, like the Heat, scored just 26 points in the paint, finding looks from three seemingly came with ease. Fourteen of their attempts were spot-up attempts, and credit point guard Deron Williams for making it a point to get his teammates solid looks. While he scored just nine points, nine of his 11 assists led to three-point makes.

Joe Johnson led the Nets by going 5-for-7 from beyond the arc, and his three transition threes -- all makes -- were assisted by Williams. His other two triples came off screens.

Perhaps the most perfect display of ball movement came in the middle of the third quarter. Four passes into a play after some solid screen action off the ball, the Nets remain patient -- nothing is being forced. Mirza Teletovic catches the ball as it swings to the right wing and drives by LeBron James, who is already out of position thanks to the earlier player movement. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are also a little confused with Shaun Livingston cutting through the paint.


With the middle cluttered on the drive, Teletovic kicks it back out to Livingston on the left side of the court. Miami's defense is completely sunk in at this point.


Livingston swings the ball to Williams with about eight seconds left, who quickly zips it to Johnson. The Heat aren't easy to trip up, but because of how Wade is suddenly in no-man's land, Shane Battier tries to cover for him against Williams. And that leaves Johnson open, making James attempt to recover against the shooter who did most of his damage in the first half.


And so Teletovic is left in the right corner completely uncovered.


So after eight passes and solid execution with a set play, the look came off a minor mistake compounding as Jason Kidd's players remained patient to get more than a wide open look from a hot shooter. That, combined with looking for transition threes and Williams making sure to create for his teammates, have the Heat searching for fixes heading into Game 4.


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