Derek Fisher will take time deciding if head coaching is his next career move

Ronald Martinez

Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Derek Fisher wanted to let his emotions settle before deciding whether to continue playing.

Just after his Oklahoma City Thunder were eliminated in the Western Conference Finals by the San Antonio Spurs, point guard Derek Fisher said he would take his time deciding his next career move. Fisher's contract with the Thunder ends this summer, and at the end of his 18th season in the NBA, the 112-107 overtime loss could have been the point guard's final game.

Beyond his playing career lie NBA coaching opportunities. The New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers are possible landing spots if Fisher decides to go that route.

Fisher hasn't spoken to any team yet but on Saturday seemed to acknowledge that he would consider all of his options once he sits down with his family, according to Yahoo! Sports' Marc J. Spears.

"Obviously, there are a number of people that are going to be impacted by the decision I do make whether I continue to play or [if] I decide to do something else within the game," Fisher said. "Whatever it is, there is a lot at stake. I'm not going to rush. I'm not going to be emotional."

Knicks president Phil Jackson reportedly stalled his coaching search to wait for Fisher's season to end. Jackson told NewsDay that Fisher is on his short-list of candidates to fill the opening, and considering the Knicks' president has been open about bringing on someone familiar to him, it's quite possible an offer is extended in the near future.

Fisher could also have interest in the coaching opening with the Lakers. He spent the better part of his career in Los Angeles and remains close to Kobe Bryant.

Following the Thunder's Game 6 loss, Fisher wasn't ready to call his playing career over just yet, either. But it's a wonder how tempting it will be to have two of the NBA's best head coaching jobs potentially open for him. The Lakers have already begun the interview process, and the chance to work with Jackson and the Knicks became an option because Steve Kerr, who had initially committed to Jackson, decided to join the Golden State Warriors instead.

That's not to say Fisher won't have opportunities down the road, but at 39 years old, the timing might just be right for him to make the leap into coaching.

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