Jazz reportedly offering Derrick Favors in huge package for Cavs' No. 1 pick

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Rumored inclusions to the Jazz' trade considerations: Derrick Favors, Alec Burks, their No. 5 overall pick, their No. 23 overall pick, a future unprotected pick

The Utah Jazz are extremely interested in bringing home the No. 1 overall pick from the Cleveland Cavaliers, to the extent that they're adding to a possible trade package around Derrick Favorsaccording to Spencer Checketts of Salt Lake City's 1280 radio.

The trade deal would center around Favors and the No. 5 overall pick, but the supplemental sweeteners have been up for debate. The Cavs reportedly want an unprotected future first round pick, while the Jazz have offered the No. 23 pick. Utah's front office has been split on including Alec Burks and an unprotected first could still be in the mix.

Why this makes sense

At No. 5, the Jazz aren't going to have a shot at Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker, two prospects the franchise has been linked to recently. If Utah isn't in love with the second tier of prospects who would be available at No. 5, perhaps they really will go all-in for a chance at what they perceive to be a franchise-altering talent in Wiggins or Parker.

The rumored deal the Jazz would send to Cleveland currently features a lot of moving parts. There's been plenty of speculation regarding which players and assets might be involved in the trade, but no one knows what Utah will actually include. The Jazz might be sending young players. They might be sending future draft picks. Either way, there's enough smoke here to suggest the Jazz are serious about moving up into the No. 1 slot.

Why this doesn't make sense

Depending on what's exactly outgoing in the deal from Utah, this could be a bit too much for any franchise to offer up for just one player. Favors has just been given keys to the starting role and has been able to make an impact on the glass and on offense. He's still only 22 years old. There's a certain point where Utah may decide even Wiggins or Parker isn't worth the huge package it would take to get up to the No. 1 pick.

This draft is considered to be the strongest in a long time not just because of the talent at the top. There's also plenty of depth. The Jazz will have plenty of appealing options at No. 5, they just need to find one the franchise feels comfortable with. Same goes for No. 23. Mortgaging so many assets for just one player is risky business.

Likelihood: 4/10

While the exact package remains unknown, what's been reported is such a huge offer that there has to be some doubt on if Utah would actually pull the trigger. The Cavs have to feel comfortable with a player that would be available at No. 5, too. Jazz beat reporter Jody Genessy also said one NBA source doesn't think they'll move Favors.

There's just too many moving parts at the moment. The offer is simply too big to be entirely believable. Let's remember that this is silly season in the NBA. The rumors will be coming fast and furious the next few days.

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