Good morning, the NBA Finals are almost here

We have lots of excellent links for you this fine Wednesday morning.

Good morning. Let's basketball.

GOOD NIGHT, SWEET BASKETBALL: In the season finale of NBA Y2K, Jon Bois kills basketball. Rest in peace.

ATL SHAWTY: Meet the man behind @ATLHawks, the most entertaining official sports team Twitter feed in the land.

PARSING CHANDLER: Woj reports that the Rockets will decline Chandler Parsons' cheap player option for 2014-15, making him a restricted free agent on July 1. This will ensure Parsons remains a Rocket so long as Houston wants to retain him (Woj says they do). But it means the Rockets' payroll is going to be quite large this season. Dane Carbaugh breaks down the impact.

FIVE TOOLS: Here's Tyler Lashbrook's big scouting report on Aaron Gordon, my draft crush du jour.

FINALS! Jason Patt breaks down what's happened to the Heat and Spurs since the last Finals. Matt Ufford explains why the Spurs have the advantage. Florida is the only state whose residents who happen to take SportsNation polls are rooting for the Heat.

Eric Freeman on what's at stake in the Finals. Dan Devine's Inarguable Power Rankings of everyone in the Finals. Zach Lowe's Finals preview.

Here's Marc Stein's brilliant piece on Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich as a power couple.

We have some awesome Finals preview items in the hopper, including a Paul Flannery feature on Duncan. Stay tuned.

RETIRED NBA CENTER TWITTER: David Roth discovers a secret lair of fun.

OBVIOUS AND NEEDED: Some Minnesotans are bristling that Kevin Love won't just come out and announce that he wants a trade. Well, unless you're going to pay that $50,000 fine for him ...

FORGOTTEN FINALS: Ken Berger has an awesome feature on the Forgotten Finals of 1994.

'SPORTS JOURNALISM': Interesting take in The New Republic on Gregg Popovich, the scourge of press conferences and real sports journalism. I think the writer, Isaac Chotiner, undersells the utility of those canned questions a little. The point isn't always to get the questions answered: it's to get the athletes and coaches monologuing about the games we're witnessing. (This is why I've come around on the maligned 'talk to us about X' questions.)

LARRY BROWN SAYS NO: A man who in recent years worked for the Knicks and Bobcats says he's not interested in coaching the Lakers.

TOP FREE AGENT COACHES: Amin Elhassan ranks the top coaches available. George Karl tops the list. Depending on the team, if I'm hiring a coach right now I'm taking a long look at Alvin Gentry, Dave Fizdale and Karl.

THE PATTERN OF BASKETBALL: My friend and former writer Jonathan Tjarks has a new book on the 2014 NBA Draft you should absolutely snap up. Only $3.99.

WHIMSY: Turn down for Trek.

Happy Wednesday. See you next time.


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