Mavericks preparing offer sheet for Chandler Parsons, according to report

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Dallas is hoping to convince Parsons to sign and sabotage Houston's plan to sign a big-name free agent before circling back to resolve Parsons' situation.

The Dallas Mavericks are preparing what promises to be a large offer sheet for Houston Rockets restricted free agent Chandler Parsons, a move that could divert attention from Houston's bigger plans to land Chris Bosh, according to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski.

The value of the offer sheet is unclear, but it would have to be significant to get Parsons to listen. Should he sign it, the Rockets would have three days to match. Dallas does have the ability to give Parons the equivalent of a maximum contract so long as it renounced rights on several free agents.

NBA Free Agency

The Rockets and Parsons have thus far proceeded as if he is a part of the team's future that'll get worked out after the push for bigger fish is complete, but that plan could be thrown into chaos should Parsons elect to sign Dallas' offer. Houston elected to make Parsons a restricted free agent this year rather than let him hit unrestricted free agency next season in part to preserve its flexibility. Parsons' cap hold is very small because he was a former second-round pick; should Houston trade Jeremy Lin as expected, it would still have enough room to sign Bosh to a maximum contract, then use their Larry Bird rights to exceed the cap to sign Parsons.

But if Parsons accepts Dallas' offer, it forces the Rockets to respond quickly or risk losing him as they focus elsewhere. Parsons' salary won't go on the Rockets' cap until after they decide to match, but three days may not be enough time to secure a commitment from Bosh and trade Lin to facilitate the cap space needed for that transaction.

Dallas, meanwhile, appears to be on the outside of the Anthony/James/Bosh chase and is seeking an upgrade at small forward. Incumbent Shawn Marion is a free agent and aging, so Dallas has looked closely at Parsons and Wizards unrestricted free agent Trevor Ariza. Parsons is younger and with much more upside, particularly offensively. Parsons averaged 16.6 points, 5.5 rebounds and four assists per game as a do-everything forward in Houston's open system last year.


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