Could Carmelo Anthony be waiting on LeBron James, Chris Bosh to make decisions?

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Anthony was expected to make his decision by now. Is he waiting for a chance to possibly team up with James?

New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony was expected to make his free agency decision over the weekend, but it's now Tuesday and Anthony's situation remains unresolved. Frank Isola of the New York Daily News reported that Anthony is torn on his decision between the Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls, while Marc Berman of the New York Post says there's a growing belief in New York that Anthony is waiting to see what happens with LeBron James and Chris Bosh.

James is meeting Heat president Pat Riley this week amid rumors that he may be looking elsewhere. Meanwhile, Bosh has been offered a max contract by the Houston RocketsRiley is confident both will be back, and Bosh's preference is to remain in Miami with James. But if Bosh did actually bolt, a spot could be open for Anthony.

Another possible scenario is both James and Anthony heading west to the Lakers, but that seems like pure fantasy at this point.

Why this makes sense

There were reports prior to the start of free agency that Anthony would consider joining the Big Three in Miami to create a Big Four, and while that won't happen, it's not out of the realm of possibility to see Anthony join James if Bosh left. Anthony and James have expressed an interest in playing together, and Bosh's departure could potentially give them that chance.

Anthony could also simply be waiting on James and Bosh before he makes his own decision just to see how the NBA landscape will look once the dust settles.

Why this doesn't make sense

Even if Bosh were to leave for the Rockets, it could be tricky fitting Anthony under the salary cap in Miami, especially with the agreements in place to sign Josh McRoberts and Danny GrangerJames wants a max deal, and while Dwyane Wade stands to take a pay cut, it might not be substantial enough to make Anthony a competitive offer. One could also argue the fit of James, Anthony and Wade on the same team isn't great.

Also, it's looking like Bosh will stay in Miami if James stays. Perhaps Riley would tell Wade to take a hike in order to make room for Anthony, but that seems unlikely. It would also again be difficult to fit Anthony under the salary cap even if that scenario somehow played out.

If James did decide to leave, the Lakers could possibly come into play for him and Anthony, but indications are the four-time MVP would take his talents back to Cleveland if he left South Beach. And even if both James and Anthony wanted to go to Los Angeles, the Lakers would have to get creative to nab both.

One other plausible idea that has been floated around is that Anthony isn't waiting on James and Bosh to make decisions, but instead he's holding out for a potential sign-and-trade to Chicago. The Bulls can't offer a max contract without dumping some key pieces, including Taj Gibson, so they're angling for the sign-and-trade route. Berman says Phil Jackson would be willing to engage in sign-and-trade talks if it came down to that.


The idea that Anthony is waiting on James and Bosh to make decisions does make some sense. However, don't expect Anthony to be teaming up with James anytime soon. I'm giving that a 1 out of 10 chance of happening.


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