Good morning, someone please knock over a domino

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Good morning. Let's basketball.

THE DECISION II: LeBron is reportedly down to the Heat and Cavaliers. He'll meet with Pat Riley today in Vegas after working out with Dwyane Wade on Tuesday. (So much for Poor Dwyane Wade after all!) Expect the dominos to fall quickly. Someone just needs to push that first one over. Anyone have a tennis ball?

If you'd like to be prepared, Rodger Sherman has provided a template hot take sports column for every potential outcome.

REMEMBER 1996: Kelly Dwyer found the wackiest NBA free agent period: 1996.

IT'S PRONOUNCED 'GOR-DAWN': Gordon Hayward is getting a four-year, $63 million offer sheet from the Charlotte Hornets née Bobcats. The Jazz have been saying they'll match any offer. But that's a big offer. Charlotte's also looking at Marvin Williams; Utah wants the Hornets to stop picking on them.

BEST BLAZER EVER: LaMarcus Aldridge wants to be the Tim Duncan of Portland, and says he'll sign an extension next summer.

STERLING SAGA: Donald Sterling hit the stand in his court battle with his wife on Tuesday. He trashed the NBA and said the only true person in the world is his wife ... whom he was testifying against at the time ...

PUNT BROTHERS! Jon Bois and Ryan Nanni aka The Punt Brothers dedicate a podcast to Chris Andersen, the LeBron of his generation.

SKIP: Dope Rafer Alston feature by SLAM.

NBA'S NEW MATH: Meet the relative max.

MCBOB: Fact! Josh McRoberts is the world's tallest combo guard.

THE BLACK FIVES: If you're in New York, hustle over to see the N.Y. Historical Society to see an exhibit on the Black Fives. Here's a great rundown from The Sports Fan Journal on the Black Fives and the exhibit.

BECAUSE THE SPURS: Me on the Spurs' virtuous salary cycle.

REBUILDING SHAUN: An excellent ESPN The Magazine piece by Jordan Brenner on the reconstruction of Shaun Livingston.

THAT ... ACTUALLY CHECKS OUT: The infamous Dan Gilbert letter dating from July 8, 2010, finally disappeared from this week. Mike Prada asked the team why, and the answer is actually totally plausible.

Happy Wednesday. See you next time.

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