Chris Kaman, Ex-Blazers, and Defense


Blazer's Edge readers inquire about the value of Chris Kaman, some ex-Blazers, and a defensive-minded coach.

Blazers Fall to Warriors, Earn 10th Lottery Spot


The Blazers fall to the offensive attack of the Golden State Warriors but earn the 10th lottery position as a result. Good news or bad? Also updates on Blazer's Edge Night.

Game Links #82: Warriors 99 @ Trail Blazers 88


Warriors take the 6th spot. To Denver... and beyond!

Warriors Withstand Aldridge, Blazers, 99-88


The Portland Trail Blazers thrilled the Rose Garden crowd and scared the Golden State Warriors, before finally coming up short down the stretch. In the process, both teams cemented their seeding.

Philly, Raptors Win! Time for Blazers/Warrors!

Hang out and chat about the final day of the NBA season, culminating in a matchup between the Golden State Warriors and Portland Trail Blazers on Blazer's Edge Kids Night!

Dubs at Blazers: A satisfying regular season ends


The Golden State Warriors face the San Antonio Spurs tonight at 7:30 p.m. PST in Portland with an opportunity to clinch the sixth seed, matching their highest seed in two decades when they made the...

Blazers Edge Night, Season's End: Blazers-Warriors


Because of Blazer's Edge readers 750 underprivileged kids will cheer the Portland Trail Blazers as they finish the season at home versus the Golden State Warriors. Blazer's Edge Night is here!

Huge Number of Underprivileged Kids Going to Game


A few weeks ago Blazer's Edge readers banded together to help underprivileged children attend the April 17th game versus the Golden State Warriors. The final number is in...and it's huge.

Congratulations Blazers Edge! We did it!


Blazer's Edge Night 2013 is all set! Except we went OVER our expected number of tickets and are looking for a few more small groups to go!

Read Up: B.E. Night and New Staff Member Wanted!


Dave makes a couple of big announcements! Be sure to read!

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