THIS THURSDAY: Stiffs Night Out for Game 6


The Stiffs have spoken and the proprietors have listened: a 10th Stiffs Night Out will be happening THIS Thursday at Jake's Food & Spirits for Game 6.

Jason Collins and changing the way people think


When Jason Collins announced publicly he was gay, he became the first male professional athlete in the four major sports that has come out the the closet. Oh what a day it was.

Breaking down the Warriors third quarter in Game 4

Both Coach Nick and Mike Prada have already offered excellent breakdowns of the Golden State Warriors' 115-101 win over the Denver Nuggets in Game Four. As I gather my thoughts, here are some of the things that stood out for me.

History is squarely against the Nuggets now

Only eight teams in NBA history have come back from a 3-1 deficit to win a playoff series. With the way the Nuggets are playing against the Warriors, it's unlikely they'll be the ninth.

Recap: Curry shoots Warriors past Nuggets, 115-101


Budding superstar Stephen Curry led the Warriors past the Nuggets to take a 3-1 lead in the first round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs.

Game Links #R1G4: Warriors 115 vs Nuggets 101


Warriors slap Nuggets from all sides, they can't stop us all!

Post game parrrrrrrrty



Recap Game 4: Laying down


Although the Nuggets closed to within 35-36 with just a few minutes to play in the second quarter, the Warriors used extended runs in the second and third quarters to secure a third straight victory over the Nuggets. The Nuggets simply laid down.

Warriors-Nuggets second half thread

The second half game thread for Game Four of Warriors-Nuggets.

Game 4 Nuggets at Warriors: First half thread

Place your game thoughts here.

Game 4 Nuggets at Warriors: Time to get up


The Nuggets are now the underdog against the Warriors, a position they're more familiar with than that of the favorite. After a thrilling game one, losing two consecutive games and home court advantage in the process has the Nuggets on the ropes.

Game 4 Preview: WE ARE ROARACLE!


I was in attendance for every single Golden State Warriors home playoff game back in 2007. Friday night wasn't quite the mayhem of the WE BELIEVE home games (shoot, I don't think anything can ever touch that), but the ROARACLE was still in full effec

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